Cura Network — Decentralized Blockchain Health System

Blockchain Technology Currently has enormous potential to change the structure of various industries, from data management, security and medical services, and in several other fields.

At present there are so many applications for Blockchain technology in the health sector, and include supply channels for the distribution of goods and services. From the real example is a case where the supply channel transports drugs from the factory to the end user. For example, a drug package is sent from the factory, the package is verified, stamped as a time stamp, and entered into the Blockchain application and validated in the order and time stamp at each time of the central distribution. This can allow monitoring from production to distribution channel transportation, which can simplify and streamline management of drug distribution channels, prevent drugs from dying to death where there is no guarantee, authentication of drugs to end users is the best way to minimize the possibility of being wrong,

When people look at the health care sector, it assumes that the ability of the Blockchain to become a silver bullet will overcome challenges with medical records and protect the privacy of patient data.

About Cura Network

The project will also have a decentralized global health system consisting of entities that collaborate and share data from each other to be able to promote, restore or maintain health. These entities are patients, specialists, providers, and third party application developers. Patients will also have exclusive ownership of their health data that is distributed and shared by other permit entities. Patients can also authorize access to all their health records. Cura Network will also introduce the storage of decentralized health data through platforms that have guaranteed data interoperability, very fast, easy and safe access, privacy and portability of data while functioning as part of the data for third-party developers to power their health care applications. Cura Network can also bring together patients, specialists, researchers, insurance companies, developers, etc. Into a large global community.

Basically, the idea of using Blockchain in health is like: making medical records safely on the Blockchain where it is guaranteed that authorized people can access it anywhere in the world. gender. That’s what the Estonian government can do – a good example of Blockchain technology in health management. Using a large-scale non-key data authentication method, combined with a distributed ledger, people only need to bring their IDs to unlock and access their real-time medical records. The Blockchain is a clear chain to protect and maintain the registration of anyone who uses this record, while maintaining a compliance process.

We aim to enhance the universe of health care by utilizing blockchain technology to create an integrated platform that will empower a large number of health services. And in the end, our goal is to be able to integrate patients, specialists, providers and third-party application developers into the blockchain ecosystem, which will make these health transactions truly efficient, safe, explicit, fast and reliable.

Feature Cura Network

Quality of Health Services: Providing access to quality health services from specialists and providers examined throughout the world.
Privacy & Access Control: Can also have ownership and control of your health record. And understand and determine how your data is shared.
Global Decentralized Identity: And each entity is given a Cura Network Identity (CNID) which represents an independent sovereign identity in a chain with unique role-based attributes.
Distributed Record Storage: Cost savings in storage. And high efficiency in data transfer with continuous availability. And send simultaneous data on many computers.
Third-party Application Integration: Provides a data access layer for a large number of existing or new health software applications.
Fair Economy: Get innate monetization at its core. D can produce Curs in a fair system for the data or services shared.
USSD Transactions: provide unlimited global access by utilizing technology for everyone. And low-cost health care alternatives.
With our very lightweight mobile application, you can manage everything. And anyone who has a smartphone and internet connection can participate in our global network.

Q2 2017

The Inception of the idea.

Q3 2017

Team Creation, Further Research.

Q4 2017

Further development of the concept, study the economic value.

Q1 2018 – Q2 2018

Development of our MVP, Website creation begins

Q3 2018

Website completed, Blockchain Development continuation

Q4 2018

Launch of Private sale leading to the Pre-ICO campaign.

Q1 2019

End of Pre-ICO Sale.

Q2 2019

Main ICO launches while the development of our Blockchain and the Platform continues.

Q3 2019

Launch of Blockchain test Network.

Q4 2019

Cura Network client application alpha release.

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