This most popular project in crypto hunter. There is no special cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy/sell options. The main fear of creating such stock exchange is the increased volatility, too. It seems to everyone who deals with options for stocks, oil or wheat that the risks are enormous. CCIN will be operating as the world’s leading cryptocurrency option exchange. Initially it will start working with five cryptocurrencies which are the most widely chosen in the market. Later this platform will start operating with other crypto assets as the demands and turnover will increase in the future. This platform is offering both Ethereum and Bitcoin growth or fall insurance. This is how it will edge its risks. There is no other platform offering the similar solutions and therefore CCIN can maintain an impressive margin on the level of 20%. This platform is designed to repackage and buy or sell its own risk as option on the same exchange used by its users. The background of the formation of Cryptocoin Insurance includes Trading in the cryptocurrency market has passed several stages of development, starting from the first centralized exchange where there was almost no volume of up to several hundred exchanges where leaders had a turnover exceeding one billion dollars per day. Recently the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has authorized Bitcoin futures trading on the largest US stock exchange.
For the government, it will be almost impossible to prove that anyone is insured against any law. Neither they can reveal the given people receive their insurance money because no cash or traditional bank transfers are involved. Government officials have limited sources to penalize all entrepreneurs; they will always choose only some "victims," therefore more paid insurants the anonymous insurance companies will have, lower insurance rates will be. Less stupid and immoral laws mean less feasible business case of anonymous insurance companies. Both anonymization technology and state dictatorship are always improved over time. Therefore the existence of anonymous cryptocurrencies is the only question of time. The war of governments with anonymous insurance companies can be partially won by abolishing of all stupid regulations and restrictions most people consider to be unethical. CCIN code will be defined for the OIC. Their total is fixed rigidly. All chips not exchanged during the sorting process will be canceled. They will never be released again. They will be set up by Ethereal Smart. The fixed number of fixed NICCs ensures that their buyers increase in value as the exchange rate increases. Cards will be exchanged within 30 days of the end of the ICO.
Cryptocoin Insuransi launches the world's first cryptocurrency currency exchange. And secondly, Cryptocoin Insurance creates an insurance company, puts options in insurance that can be understood by everyone, and protects the risks in the exchange of options. In many cases, companies that first enter the market are known as leaders, and always take the biggest share. Today CRYPTOCOIN INSURANCE has no competitors and occupies the entire market.

Token Name = CCIN
Price 1 ETH = 1,500 CCIN
Bounty Available
Platform = Ethereum
Soft cap = 500,000 USD
Hard cap = 10,000,000 USD

Date of ICO November 1, 2018 – December 27, 2018

Allocation of the collected funds

Token Allocation

75% - ICO
18% - Reserved for the project team
5% - Mentors
2% - Bounty program
Allocation of the collected funds
50% - Development and launch of the option
25% - Reserve fund
15% - Marketing
5% - Legal services
5% - Operating expenses
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