Crypto Circle X ( CCX ) – Digital Currency Exchange Redefined with Innovation

We live in a world of innovation, where our society often faces the challenge of finding solutions to existing problems. The world of cryptographic resources is still new, but with great influence it grows and attacks all aspects of our society and our daily lives, especially since 2017, when many trading platforms have started to register users. According to Crypto Circle X, there are now more cryptocurrency traders in the world who buy and sell currencies than before. Although the problem is still relevant, the need for faster transactions is not new: it’s an old problem, but at the same time. It began after the creation of a credit card in 1946 and led to the exploitation of digital currency

What is Crypto Circle Exchange

Crypto Circle Exchange is a revolutionary platform for the exchange of cryptographic and mobile computers based on common but important aspects: speed, security, scalability and customer service. Because cryptographic currency is still considered a young industry, there are many problems. However, there is nothing new in this; We’ve all heard of it, but I’m still a constant problem for many existing exchange platforms. Although much has been written and discussed on this topic, there are many cases where the cryptographic currency platform has not implemented all the listed functions. The main problem with the current platform,

The platform is still interrupted due to insecurity
Insufficient liquidity in the market
Transaction costs are still considered high enough for transaction processing
Customer service remains suspended
Thanks to the most advanced and secure technology, Crypto Circle is able to manage over 10 million transactions per second. The main thing they want to focus on is the client’s needs. Therefore, any problem you may have at any time of day can be solved thanks to a 24-hour chat feature. In addition, your platform will provide multilingual support, including the following languages: Chinese, English, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Romanian, Russian and Spanish to add more languages ​​in the future

Useful information on the sale of Crypto Circle X tokens

CCX Current (Crypto Circle X) using the ERC20 Ethereum Blockchain protocol.
Tokens can be purchased with ETH.
The value of the CCX token is currently set to 0.09.

The flexible roof is 3 000 000.00 USD and the maximum limit is 20 000 000 USD.
Private sales are open until 17 September 2018: at this stage, participants receive a 15% bonus for the purchase of tokens.
The preseason will be held from 17 September to 22 October with a 7% bonus, which will be available at this stage.
The main sales will be made from October 22nd to November 26th.
At this stage, 75% of the chips will be available for purchase, and the remaining CCX will be distributed to bonuses, equipment and bonuses.
Crypto Circle Exchange will have a platform for the evaluation of ICO tokens, which will be recorded in the future. ICE ICO must meet certain requirements, which must be determined for the voting procedure. However, coins with a high degree of security, user base and money will be indicated
Open Crypto Circle X – a project whose goal is to radically change the cryptographic market

After many years of intensive research and development, using the latest technologies, Crypto Circle X promises to provide one of the most powerful and secure exchanges of crypto-currencies. The main objective? To create a platform that can execute more than 10 million transactions per second

To achieve the best results, the project includes artificial intelligence robots and automatic matching functions; In addition, it allows users to access unique features, such as professional graphics, which implements technical analysis and business alerts. To be attractive and accessible to all encrypted users, regardless of their previous experience or knowledge of the trade, Crypto Circle X guarantees access to special mobile applications (and online platforms) using the user interface. good and adjustable.

The main feature of Crypto Circle X

The three main components on which this platform is based reflect the basic needs and desires of users of the cryptographic market: use additional secure solutions with different levels of security to take advantage of participation in modern updates. and trade and security from market manipulation. Crypto Circle X provides access to this solution by combining these three promises in its mission


The platform does not save users’ passwords; encrypts all the information added to the database; Enable CloudFlare protection allows two-factor authentication; Integration of a non-contact portfolio of multiple signatures for storage tokens that implement all the GDP standards

High efficiency

Crypto Circle X is based on GoLang: it guarantees a fast, reliable and precise platform that can handle millions of transactions per second. With the most advanced and secure technology, Crypto Circle can handle more than 10 million transactions per second. The main thing they want to focus on is the client’s needs. With the 24 hour chat function, the problem may be solved at any time. We also provide multilingual support such as Chinese, English, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Romanian, Russian and Spanish to add languages ​​in the future

The Conclusion

Crypto Circle Exchange is the most complex and secure cryptographic exchange, based on advanced technologies, capable of providing over 10 million transactions per second. Customers depend on the platform, such as platforms, customers. Inside Crypto Circle Exchange is the revolutionary exchange of criptoterms and asset lock, which focuses on speed, security, scalability and customer service. It will launch a chip called Crypto Circle X Coin with CCX as a symbol. CCX is an ERC20 marker that works with the Ethereum blockchain





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