BILLCRYPT - A Global Universal Platform Based Blockchain

BILLCRYPT is a global universal decentralized platform which is a blockchain system integration representative of companies, professional communities, specialists and products.

With BILLCRYPT, people can make their blockchain representations in the form of DAPP on blockchain technology with a comfortable interface.

BILLCRYPT wants to present an environment where people can create their BR and provide reliable information to investors or ordinary users. Thus investors can determine their investment quickly and ordinary users can choose the right service or product.

This creates an ecosystem where business can rise to a higher level and establish a system of trust between users and businesses.
Nowadays it is difficult for investors and ordinary users to choose services and products on the internet. Often they are deceived and lose their money in the process of investing or purchasing products and services. Not only that, the difficulty of integrating blockchain technology with platforms makes it difficult for businesses to develop.

But with BILLCRYPT this problem can be solved. BILLCRYPT was developed by a team and professional experts who had understood the situation and market problems.

The team from BILLCRYPT thinks that blockchain is a technology that can overcome this problem. With the right implementation, the blockchain can have a positive impact on business development and integration.

BILLCRYPT developed a new concept, namely the Blockchain Representation, Virtual Image Part (Part of the virtual image), and Initial ViP Offering.

With these concepts, enabling companies, projects, companies will be able to create a Blockchain-Representative office and display their product or service details.

With the Blockchain-Representative solution, it allows investors to be able to access reliable information and enable them to make investment decisions quickly and accurately. And allows ordinary users to be able to choose products or services with confidence.

At the same time, the Virtual Image Part will be formed into several parts with certain values ​​depending on rank and status and will be a direct tool for investment.

This is a new principle for economic interaction from many parties.

What you can do on the platform?
With the features and services provided by BILLCRYPT, it allows many things to be done by users on the platform.

Can do activities related to the blockchain.
Make a blockchain representative
Create a BR group for various products, services, and business lines.
Monetize ViP
Tokenize business
Create digital assets
make additional financial flows for the business.
advertise business.
conduct crowdsales for business.
conduct a new intra-platform view of crowd sale - IVO (Initial ViP Offering);
create an investor base.
find and attract investors, consumers, and interact with them.
get reliable information for investors.
make the right investment decision.
participate in crowdsales and closed rounds.
makes it easy for developers to create and manage BR.
and many other things users can do.
You already know how powerful and innovative this platform is.
BILLCRYPT is able to present an environment where people can build their "virtual office", which makes it easier for investors and ordinary users to choose and sort the products and services that suit them.

BILLCRYPT is a platform that makes blockchain more useful and easily understood by others - make business one level higher.

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