Things that Hunt in Life

I have something really amazing and I would like to share with you as well.
Sometimes in life we see a lot of people have their lives filled with so much pain and regret,especially some who still live a frustrated life even in their old age.
We wonder what happened during their period of youth and sometimes we even feel moved to help them.

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But one thing I have learnt is that, some people live a wicked and frustrated lifestyle, putting a number of people through pain without even blinking an eye about what could befall them.
During such period these set of humans, ruin and destroy people's lives without a sense of pity at all.
Until finally nemesis catches up with them and everything they think they have, begins to turn the other way.
Sometimes they loose their wealth, health as well as peace. A lot of people feels bad for them without knowing what these people have done with their youthful age.

This is one reason why we need to be extremely careful about the things we do today because they may hurt tomorrow.
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