The Craziness on the Street

The street actually happens to be a crazy one,
The street is filled with people of different mindset and plans,
The street is filled with crazy people,
The street is filled with talented individuals,
The street is filled with frustrated individuals,
The street is as well filled with lovely people.

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Little wonder why some people are naturally angry individuals, they have no time to think of wearing a smile on their faces, a smile is the least thing on thier mind as they just want to make money and go back home.
A large percentage of the people on the street left their homes angry, so receiving another thing that could get them angry is the worst thing that could happen to them.

The best way to avoid having a troubled day on the street or avoid having a fight with anyone, is just to become extremely calm and gentle.
No matter what the person does, you just have to let it go to avoid getting angry overy someone's else frustrated state of mind.

Thanks for reading, I am @gbenga.

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