The Advice Might Be Good or Bad, It is Left To You To Decide

There are people who do not listen to advice in any possible way, they are only concerned about the things they know and nothing else.
It is essential to listen to advice, advice from friends and families because no man is an island of knowledge.

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However, you should not take advice from just anyone because not everyone has a good advice to offer, which means that while taking advice, you should also be able to discern between the wrong and good things offered to us.

Taking advice could be a very hard choice to make for a lot of people who could have taken advice from wrong people in the past.

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How to know the type of people to take advice from.

As I said earlier advice should not be taken from just any type of person, it should rather be carefully selected.

  • Ensure that the person you want to take advice from is a reliable person.
  • Ensure the person wishes you well.
  • Ensure that the person wants the best for you.
  • Ensure that the person you want to take advice from is knowledgeable.
  • Ensure that the person you want to take advice from is experienced in the field of choice.

Some Negative Advice Can Look Good At First.

Destiny has diabetes but his friend Daniel tells him that taking chocolates and Sugar can help him get well quickly.

At first, Daniel's advice looks good, chocolate is yummy and sugar is really sweet. Destiny could take the chocolates and sugar believing it will make him get well soon, which will worsen his condition or not stick to the advice and seek medical advice.

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Several advice and suggestions could look good at the very onset but become detrimental at the end. It is advisable that advises be weighed properly before taken.

Giving an advice is free but taking the advice into consideration is your decision.

Choose your friends wisely because they seem to always be the first set of people you tend to take advise from whenever you need one.

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