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Questions from my heart

Life is beautiful;
Life is awesome.
There may be ups and downs;
Things may not be as rosy as expected.

Most times you make mistakes, you bridge trusts;
You feel you have committed the worse offence;
Other times, your friends and those you love may turn their back on you;
Leaving you to nothing, absolutely nothing;
Nothing to work with, nothing to own and call your own, nothing to talk to.

You might even need a friend that you will not find;
A companion that you will not get;
A relative that might turn to hurt you.

All these happen, and they happen often;
More often than expected;
When these things finally happen,
you become weak, you start looking at your mistakes and error, wishing you never did them.
You try to comprehend the situation and what to do but your head is clouded.
Filled with so many thoughts that gets you worried.

What do you do?
Where do you go to from here?
How do you start over again?
Is this going to be your last?
Can you find your way to the light again?

Questions from my heart

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