Meeting A Person Twice In A Lifetime.

As large as Africa is, it still look like a small world where people tend to meet at least twice in their lifetime. I was talking to a man and he said to me "My friend, if you are opportune to show love to someone, or you are in the position to hep, never hesitate because you will end up seeing that same person again before you leave this beloved world"

I sat down and gave it a deep thought. Is it possible to meet someone at least twice before you leave this world?

Do not mistake seeing and meeting as one thing. It is possible you see a lot of people but you meet one person. The difference between seeing and meeting is the interaction between the two parties. You can come across a lot of people in a day only to have met nobody that day. yes it is possible. you only meet those you spend time together.

it is possible to meet a friend, a colleague, a partner and so on. It is possible to meet a beggar, as some beggars will spend time with you daily asking for help.

This is where conscience comes in. For everyone you meet, there is a tendency that you meet that person again in your lifetime. This s where we should be careful because the person you meet today might be higher or lower compared to you tomorrow based on status.

No one knows tomorrow, and no one has the key to situations and time.

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