Bravo; Tip Or Pay, The Cashless Way On The Blockchain


We currently live in a society where people are undoubtedly migrating towards a system that operates towards a system that is cashless, it is usually a difficult task to tip artist who are hard-working, waiters and professionals in various fields, or even settling debt with friends.

The traditional banking system have a lot of shortcomings and this is what resulted into the rise of Bitcoin and Blockchain, this system allows people to transact privately and securely with a type of currency that is able to maintain value, totally removing a central authority that controls its supply and circulation.
The presence of Bravo, will help to solve the slow blockchain adoption paradigm with a human-centric that is proven with a user interface available on a robust blockchain infrastructure.
Bavo had a grassroots approach which started in 2014, it was built from the ground to the top with an iterative development which incorporates user feedback in the lifecycle of software development.
Bravo has a successful proof of concept where millions of dollars in fiat (USD) were processed making use of Bravo’s iOS and Android applications, Bravo is now launching their next generation platform that is powered by the blockchain.


There are obstacles that exist within the current market payment system and Bravo solves this obstacles. The available technology happens to be robust one but there are relevant challenges that can be improved upon and solved adequately.

Billions of individuals remain unbaked and they rely on cash to help them earn a living to help them pay for goods and services despite the fact that the global movement is going toward the point of a cashless society.
Cryptocurrency has remained something that has remained inaccessible to most individuals and businesses and this is as a result of its complex nature.

The presence of a complex and sometimes clunky user experience with the blockchain payment platform has eliminated the strength and simplicity of the blockchain technology.
The transactions of blockchain are potentially traceable. The privacy, security and person data has remained a big problem that constantly gets consumers worried.


The idea of bravo is to create a blockchain system that is a powered mobile payment system.
Right from the period of launching MVP and beta version in U.S, the bravo team focused totally on the improvement of on boarding, on KYC/AML compliance, data encryption, tokenization as well as security.
With the presence of bravo application, there will be no need for long public or private keys or even third-party custodians of keys or even funds.

The bravo team has created an incognito payments protocol that will serve as a solution for enhanced privacy.
With the use of Bravo, users will have total control of privacy, funds and payments which are usually executed within seconds without any intermediary bank or even any third party blockchain platforms, and there will also be no hidden fee.
Bravo blockchain happens to be the culmination of years of research, user design and also engineering.
The idea of blockchain technology will make it possible for BRAVO to scale at a fast rate and to accommodate a larger user base.
Blockchain technology will enhance user anonymity and the transparency of transactions, it will also help to expand the ecosystem of BRAVO globally, and this is with a single platform which happens to be a seamless and a consistent one.


• The availability of an anonymous fiat or crypto payment system that is powered by a scalable hybrid blockchain.
• Bravo hopes to find users within a close geographical location to search directly making use of either a username or a private code.
• Hybrid blockchain will make it possible for alternation to take place, from the stage of traditional blockchain to the level of anonymous blockchain on-demand with an incognito payments protocol available for an additional security.
• BVO token solution is capable of carrying out any type of payment and they include: tipping, micro-payment and macro-payments as well.
• The funds and payments will be recorded and deposited under individual’s private account immediately. Any transaction recorded on the BRAVO blockchain cannot be altered or tampered with in any way.
• The simple authentication of accounts and recovery protocol will be used to ensure the full control and the access to tokens and funds at every period.
• It is possible that the funds made available can be attached to a private message through Bravo’s in-app messenger.


The technological development of bravo is a market pioneer for mobile anonymous, private and se ure payments that are executed seamlessly, without the exchange of personal information.
Bravo has a unique proposition.
Availability of traction.
Bravo has a good technological facility with a convenient user experience and security.


• The presence of a better payment system: One of the major goal of Bravo is to make the payment process of goods and services convenient for customers and vendors while they offer unparalleled security and privacy.

• Consortium of bravo blockchain: The existence of bravo is because of users. Bravo users who collectively participate materially in the operations of the BRAVO blockchain will be the Bravo Blockchain Consortium (BBC).

• Incognito payments: Bravo blockchain will transfer funds in two different ways and they are public transfers and incognito transfers.
Bravo blockchain will assist in the offering of anonymous transfers by making use of what is called ‘’Incognito Transfers’’.

• The presence of hybrid blockchain: BRAVO will create an innovative hybrid blockchain technology which will be made up of a public and a private blockchain. Bravo blockchain helps to integrate technologies together, these technologies allow a seamless interoperation and provides control of end-users over transaction speed, privacy and cost.

• The presence of a federated byzantine agreement: The membership of Byzantine agreement systems is set by a central authority as well as a closed negotiation.

• The presence of minting and converting.

Redemption and ICO.

An ERC-20token will be released by Bravo for those who wish to pre-purchase BVO coin. Those who will purchase the ERC-20 tokens are the ones who will benefit from the reduced prices and they will also be able to redeem their ERC-20 tokens for BVO coin to use in the Bravo application.
The redeemed ERC-20 tokens will be taken out of circulation.


The BRAVO ecosystem is made up of an interaction that exist between BVO and a fiat available on the same application while they transact through their native blockchain. BVO can then be used for tipping or payment for anyone with cryptocurrency.


Bravo tokens are registered and designated with the market abbreviation: ‘BVO. BVOs happens to be divisible digital tokens that have up to 8 decimal places.
There will be an issued token supply of 1 billion.
Bravo token solution makes it possible for the creation of ability and for the efficient focus on micro-merchants, micro payments as well as tipping.


  • The token name BVO.
  • The used token type is ERC-20.
  • The total token amount is 1,000,000,000.
  • The percentage of tokens on sale is 50%.
  • The token sale period will be for TBA.
  • The token price is $0.10.
  • The hard cap is $34,700,000.
  • Acceptable currencies are ETH, BTC and USD.
  • Every other nationality except that of People’s Republic of China, Singapore, USA and Canada are accepted.


9% will be for angel round.
17% will be for ICO pre-sale.
24% will be for the ICO main sale.
2% will be for bounty blocks.
5% will be for advisors.
20% will be for founders and team.
8% will be for promotion.
15% will be for MAIN RESERVE.


45% will go for software development.
20% will go for marketing.
20% will be for reserve.
9% will be for operational expenses.
3% will be for legal expenses.
3% will be for Misc.


BRAVO hopes to solve existing issues of the blockchain and the traditional banking system with a proven human-centric solution.
BRAVO has a user friendly interface built on top of a robust blockchain infrastructure, users are then able to easily access technology in a easy and a more efficient way.
BRAVO blockchain conveniently integrates the public blockchain and the BRAVO’s incognito, this will give room for a seamless interoperation and it will give control to the end-users on transaction speed, privacy as well as cost.



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