GigTricks; The Integrated Ecosystem For Freelance And On-Demand Economy

It has been observed in our view of freelance and an on-demand economy that there is a lack of business relationships between freelancers and clients and that is the reason why Gig Tricks has come into the picture. Gig Tricks have decided to build an ecosystem based on the blockchain whose aim is to increase transparency, reliability and trust among participants on the platform who are majorly the freelancers and the clients.

The immutable blockchain participants will be responsible for the verification of every action, which includes reviews and skill ratings, therefore, making it impossible for anything to be formed within the ecosystem.

The GigTricks platform aims to help individuals who are talented to make money from their homes by finding the gigs and generate income. They as well plan to showcase talented individuals online profile's which will make them empowered.
When social contents are published through GigTricks social, users earn GigBit Tokens, this GigBit tokens can be used as a means of payment for additional skill tests.

What The Company And The ITO Are All About.

The company is named GigTricks and it is a private company which is limited by shares, it has the registration number 117112 and it is incorporated in Gibraltar in accordance with the Companies Act 2014.

About The Directors.

(1) AMIR SHAIKH: He is a blockchain enthusiast and a successful e-commerce entrepreneur who has achieved great success over the last couple of years.
Other directors who are also entrepreneurs are OMAIR LATIF and SADIQ HAMEED. These directors will exercise their power in line with the company's article of association. They are filled with the power to carry out acts that are necessary or useful to help manage and as well control the business and the development of the platform GigTricks.

The Corporate Vision of GIGTRICKS.

The Mission Statement.

An upgraded version of the existing freelancing platform which is hoped to be futuristic with abilities to offer opportunities, minimise risks and as well create a winning platform for every stakeholder Is what GigTricks seeks to create by working on an upgraded version of the current freelancing platform.

The Vision of GigTricks.

The core values of GigTricks are:
To be able to create opportunities and help in the fight against the problem of recession.

It hopes to offer a professional platform based on ethical values.

It gives every user a chance to find a right fit for their project without a workspace.

The Core Value of GigTricks.

The core values of GigTricks lies in creating a platform void of deception and fraud.
It will help talented freelancers meet with clients who acknowledge their skill and help them with the polishing of their projects.

Reasons Why You Should Choose GigTricks.

If you need a platform to showcase your services with a high degree of professionalism and ethics as a freelancer or an entrepreneur, then you have to choose GigTricks.

GigTricks provides a diversified work portfolio which allows anyone to market his or skill and work with proof.

GigTricks is really needed by entrepreneurs and value talented individuals.

GigTricks is good for individuals who cannot invest in a workplace but are ready to hire individuals who are able to carry out the job.

GigTricks is also for newbies who are ready to create competitive advantage in the market because there is the availability of skill test to increase your profile.

GigTricks as well aim at having a transparent system for review rating.


GigTricks aims at the achievement of an ecosystem that connects freelancers and entrepreneurs together and then as well takes them to the next level.
The ecosystem has the aim of being transparent, reliable, affordable, scalable and decentralized. The level of excellence to be attained by GigTricks hopes to become achievable by making every participant that exist within the ecosystem successful and not just one person who operates the platform.

Some Problems With The Current Ecosystem.

  • They lack transparency.
  • Presence of a limited ecosystem.
  • The current ecosystem is not an open one.

Approachable Solutions To These Problems.

GigTricks is reliable, transparent and scalable and it hopes to conquer the issues with the present ecosystem through these means:

  • Entrepreneurs will be able to buy products and select services without having to switch platforms.
  • GigTricks will be fast in order to save time.
  • The transaction cost will be very low.
  • GigTricks will be trustable.
  • There will be a high level of increased engagement on GigTricks.

GigTricks is as well interested in social interaction, so there is going to be an avenue to follow, message and even share information with other participants on another platform.

GigTricks Will Have A Point Of Sale (POS)

The GigTricks (POS) device will be connected directly o the blockchain and this will make it possible for every training institute to run their curriculum on the platform and the course fee will be paid through sale revenue on large scale.


Individuals can deposit GigBit tokens to their own account as this will help them to purchase any good or service of their choices.

GigBit tokens can be used as a means of payment for goods purchased, it can be paid through the individuals personal wallet or any convertible crypto token which will be converted into GigBit by using a third-party crypto-token conversion service.


Tokens will be readily available on GigTricks website and mobile applications, where tokens can be obtained instantly.
Here are other ways the token can be obtained;

  • GigBitpool: This can be obtained with the use of a debit or credit card.
  • Onsite conversions: Other crypto tokens can also be converted. (e.g) Ether, Bitcoin, Litecoins

An Initial Token Distribution for GigBit.

During the course of GigTricks ITO trading operation, 35% of the token (350,000,000).

All those who made the contribution of the project successful will receive 15% of tokens (150,000,000).

There will be a reserved amount of 20% (200,000,000) which will be held in form of a treasury by GigTricks for any future financing.

Tokens of 5% (50,000,000) will be distributed to the marketed and bounty campaigns.

A token of 5% (50,000,000) will be reserved as liquidity fund.

What Reserved Token Will Be Used For.

  • It will be used to promote the project in order to develop visibility and the adaption of the network.
  • In order to provide bonuses and bounty for the community.
  • It will attract more customers, therefore, increasing user base.
    Incentives will be paid in order to:
  • Fund open source contribution.
  • Partner with freelancers and business entrepreneurs.
  • It will as well be used to increase global research by operating from over 20countries.

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