SOMA-Social base

The Soma platform is a decentralized platform that can facilitate commerce within the community. 

Users are given the opportunity to participate in activities that will benefit the community and for which it will be possible to receive rewards in the form of tokens - Soma Community (SCT).

Rewards users can also get for promoting an interactive product card (ICT). To promote ICT, you can in several ways, inside the platform or in social networks Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

ICT is a digital representation of a physical element. The card includes information about belonging, the condition of the physical element, the authenticity of the item and the history of its price.

Liked items, users can track, comment and share them, for these actions, SCT tokens will also be issued.

SCT, this is the crypto currency, which is intended for trading operations within the platform and for stimulating the community.

The advantages of the platform include: secure payments, social contributions, P2P marketing. The Soma reward system increases the security of the transaction by providing incentives for community members as a trusted transaction escrow agent.

On the Soma platform, trade can be carried out using the concept of known platforms. Payments can be made with a currency or bitlock.

Social interactions, will increase the social capital of digital content.

Company Soma, plans to launch 60 million SCT of which 54 million will be sold during the ICO.

For more detailed information about the project and the conditions of participation in this ICO, I recommend to visit the links below:

WEB page:

White paper:


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