Auctus-pension fund based on smart contracts

Auctus, this is a pension fund based on smart contracts. The platform was created to ensure transparency, reliability for pension funds.
The project was founded by Philip Silveira and Rafael Vantrous. The team consists of qualified specialists who have experience in developing block chains. The team also includes: engineers, marketing agents.

The purpose of the platform is to prevent fraud by using intellectual contracts. The main problems that affect the platform are: refusal to pay contributions, misappropriation of investment assets, abuse of office, renunciation of benefits, manipulation of financial statements.
The Auctus platform is the first intelligent platform based on smart contracts that is designed to adapt legal and regulatory standards.
The sale of tokens will take place only through smart contracts. A smart contract will include an ETH blocking rule. Pre-Sale will last from October 3-10, ICO from November 14-28.
Participants will be able to convert tokens to ICO. A total of 1,600,000 AUC will be issued, the price of the token during the ICO will be 2000 AUC / ETH.


All the funds raised during the ICO, the company plans to use to develop the platform.
20% of all funds will be allocated to the team, 9% will be used for promotion, 2% for the members of the bounty.

By the end of 2018, the company plans to expand the Auctus platform in the main markets, integrate the payment gateway Fiat, conclude partnerships with traditional pension funds.
For more detailed information about the project and the conditions of participation in this ICO, I recommend to visit the links below:

WEB page:
White paper:


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