Blockshipping: transformation of the global shipping industry


        Good day. Today I want to tell you about such a project as Blockshipping. Our modern world can not be     imagined without freight traffic. One of the most important types of transportation is the shipping industry. Delivering large volumes of cargo to different parts of the globe, shipping at the same time remains the cheapest. At  the moment there is no single register of containers and  transportation, which complicates the delivery and movement of goods. Also,  the competition among large container shipping companies is so tough  that a start-up company is not easy to get development.

      Blockshipping  creates the world's first register of cargo containers and will become a  global platform where shipping companies will be able to provide the  fullest range of container transportation services.
GSCP  is focused on b2b-sphere, corporate clients: transport companies  (automobile and navigable), terminal operators, municipal institutions  controlling ports.

How to start working with this platform:

  • Register with GSCP and install special chips on your containers;
  • The system enters your containers into the database;
  • You can track the movement of goods;
  •  You can control the stock of containers;
  • Calculations with partners go through the platform, as there will appear in the future additional functionality.
    Blockchain makes transactions instant, allows you to forget about the difficulties with cross-border transfers of funds. 

 The project  takes care of its reputation, therefore conducts ICO on criteria that do  not violate Danish law, which is very good for future investors. The project will produce two types of tokens:
• CPT (Token Container Platform) - the use of this token is possible between the participants inside the platform. This is the internal network token.
• CCC (Crypto Container Coin) - a token of shared income distribution. Token standard ERC20 on the platform Ethereum. 

      Token CPT is designed for non-cash payments and transaction adjustment in the GSCP system. Holders of CCC tokens will receive a percentage of revenue that arises from transactions within the GSCP platform. The  project is quite specialized, therefore CPT tokens will be used only by  participants in the freight transportation industry. Ordinary cryptocurrency users will not be able to use them. The second type of token, CCC, will be available to everyone. During the ICO, only 50 million CCC tokens will be issued. The ability to convert one type of token to another is not provided. Judging  by the utility of the product and the number of tokens produced, it can  be assumed that publicly available CCC tokens can be traded quite  successfully.

     More recently, Blockshipping has signed a partnership agreement with Coinify, the digital money transfer operator from Denmark. This cooperation is beneficial for both sides. Blockshipping  gets access to professional tools that guarantee safe transactions for  converting cryptocurrency into cash, and Coinify gets excellent  experience and shows all the advantages of its system. 

      The issue of the CPT coin is not limited, one CPT coin will be created for each dollar accepted. These coins will be available only to the participants of the platform. They can be calculated among users of the platform. 

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