Vestarin - innovative trading platform for cryptocurrency.

This year the blockchain technology world went viral. Dozens of new platforms, tokens and currencies appear daily. Pioneers among shops and services begin to get profit in cryptocurrency. More and more people
join the industry, heaps of money are invested, plenty of projects are launched, a great deal of perspectives are opened. But at the same time it looks more like separate pieces of puzzle, not like a general picture.

The inspiration to change this industry for the better will come to everyone who reads the key idea up to the end and supports it. We already constitute a major community, which only needs to be united on a single platform with maximumcapacities.
Attracting “early bird” users to Vestarin project, we will be able to create a vital platform for anyone, as its development depends mainly on the feedback from users.

It's great to live in the era of the digital revolution, when it finally easy to manage the funds. Now you do not need to go to banks, stand in lines, file reports about the origin of your own funds. But still there is one important possibility that will finally give the digital currency a power of fiat - to pay with this money for goods and services. Vestarin will give users the opportunity to: operate in a transparent and secure ecosystem where everything goes to peer-2-peer. This is a unique chance to develop business in the digital economy without unnecessary costs for paperwork,banks, bureaucracy. The effectiveness of business creation will increase phenomenally and positively affect the further development of the digital economy

For business
If you do not keep pace with the times, you lose your money. Every entrepreneur needs to understand: you need to move to where money is spinning, and in the crypto-world there are already $250 billion and the figure is growing at a frantic pace. Just a couple of years ago, the crypto industry was incomprehensible for anyone, and
what we do not understand, we are accustomed to reject. But now, when even the students know about the blockchain, it is necessary to realize that the crypto-currencies are being firmly established in this world and it is high time to begin to reckon with this. We will collect a large community of crypto currency
users, where business owners will sell their goods and services for crypto-coins. Thus, users will be able to spend the crypto currency, and the stores, without going into the world of the blockchain, make sales on an additional source, earning the same clear fiat money for them at the exit. Online stores will integrate goods items in a full-fledged online store, receiving orders with all the accompanying information for their execution. Having completed an order, the smart contract will transfer the customer's coins to the store`s account. As for offline stores and services, a person can pay with tokens. You just call the amount in a fiat currency, and for this amount at the exchange rate you will get VST platform tokens, which you can sell on the market for fiat money.

Cryptocurrency exchange Almost every day new crypto-currencies come to the market. Today you need bitcoin, tomorrow ethereum, and the day after tomorrow some kinda NEWCOIN. Sooner or later, there is a need for the currency that you do not have yet, and to get it, you need to exchange it. In order to avoid problems so that you could use any of them at first, we will integrate exchange points on the platform Vestarin, where everyone can get or sell the desired currency in a couple of clicks.

You can download the Demo version of Vestarin application from the official website

Distribution of Pre-ICO funds:
60% - to the product development team:

  • Additional back-end developers.
  • Interface developers, designers.

35% - expenses for PR and marketing:

  • International marketing campaigns.
  • Promo-partnership in 4 regions (Asia, Europe, Russia, Latin America).
  • Conferences and media partners.
  • Strong promotional campaign in social networks

5% - on advisers and project managers.

ICO will be held on the website, starting from March 5 to April 4, 2018.
The sale of tokens will last 30 days.
Vestarin aims to take up to 35,000 ETH from primary token buyers. Smartcontract will cease to accept investments upon reaching a limit of 35 000 ETH.
Below is a table showing the growth of VST value, depending on the total number of ETH collected during the ICO.

Distribution of ICO funds
Revenues from the sale of tokens will finance the launch of the product and its further development:
45% - to the development team with about 15-20 engineers. Development of a mobile platform, web-platform, desktop and app versions, business development, relationships on the market, big partnerships, building a community worldwide.
20% - marketing expenses, media content, PR and attraction of all types of users,
presentations and advertising campaigns, purchase of targeted traffic.
15% - the cost of integrating stores and services, restaurants, exchangers, working with the information content platform, management.
12% - operating expenses of employees and office.
5% - legal support.
3% - bonus to developers and creators.

September 2017: Team Building
Оctober 2017: Idea Development, forming Technical specification
December 2017: Design Draft
January 2018: PreI-CО, Demo version launch
March 2018: ICO, Full scale development
April 2018: Listing on the markets, alpha-testing, Launch of “Information”,
Professionals” blocks
July 2018: Marketing, Attracting professionals, Beta testing
August 2018: Launch of the block “For BUSINESS”, “ICO”, integrating partners
October 2018: Full volume marketing, SMM, CPA, PR, Papers
November 2018: Over 500 shops and services providers on the platform
December 2018: Launch of Online/Offline blocks for purchase in cryptocurrency
January 2019: 1 million Users, 2000 shops and services
March 2019: Opening of the representative offices in Spain, USA
April 2019: Opening of the representative offices in Japan, China, Korea
May 2019: 10 million Users, 8000 shops and services
June 2019: MUST-HAVE app for all the crypto-enthusiasts

We thought of developing a whole section, in which we will connect puzzles into a single picture, where you can create a team, join it or become a part of it. Each user will be defined by his profile, specialization: Advisor, Coder, Investor, Specialist, Marketer, Designer, Traffic Arbitrator, Analyst, Financier, etc. You can find a person by selecting the relevant category in the search field and immediately get in touch in the integrated chat.

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