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ODEM is a platform that has been made possible by the advent of blockchain technology that enables qualified and industry-quality education members to create customized curricula and experience and offer them directly to the market. The ODEM platform further gives students more housing, transportation and other needs. This enables international and local students to take ownership of their education. ODEM will facilitate a live-in-classroom experience, supported by online capabilities.
ODEM is something beyond an instruction advertise. Through Ethereal based knowledge contracts, understandings amongst understudies and teachers will be accomplished with minimal conceivable delegate inclusion. The stage trade utility token will go about as a typical money to encourage cross-outskirt installments and to give motivating forces to educators to stay up with the latest and significant. Our fantasy is to make training from the world’s best teachers are open to everybody.

Odem is:

  • A single educational community where students, educators and service providers can communicate and participate directly in a secure environment.
  • Access to local and international exchange, and direct educational experience. While ODEM can provide all kinds of learning experiences, the Program emphasizes on-the-ground education in elite institutions around the world.
  • How to share and understand more efficient educational requirements, objectives and details to meet the rapidly changing workforce and globalization of students and educators.
  • Negotiation system, curriculum description and single payment, real-time
    agreed timetable.
    ODEM are hopped-up by a group of programs deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. the utilization of Ethereum can guarantee transparency and easy payment Participation within the ODEM platform relies on users providing their pre-approval criteria; not like AirBnB, the ODEM platform aligns several parties to attain a complicated “match” wherever the wants of all parties should match exactly since they need already accepted valid service commitments like It will the automated reservation of AirBnB acceptance. Feature. the elemental limitation of improvement at the scheme level is that the ability to at the same time report on the wants and restrictions of all parties; as luck would have it, advances in automatic learning and improvement techniques create it a resolvable drawback and blockchain permits it to automatize the contracts necessary to facilitate coordinated execution.
    Token Details
    Sale token is used by way of a platform for fundraising purposes by way of offering new tokens to the public especially cryptocurrency community. ODEM Token Sale oblige investors to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) in order to supplement the data by uploading documents such as ID cards, License or Passport Dirver.

For investors who participated in ODEM Token Sale will get some benefits, that will disegerakan to become a member in the community of ODEM, get special discount to enjoy the services provided by the platform and to ODEM me-sponsored students and educators, by way of reducing the burden of costs that should be borne by the parties.
1.ODEM Token Sale Start: 17 February 2018
2.ODEM Token Sale End: March 19, 2018
The Maker Of Token: ODEM SA
A Token Symbol: ODEM
Maximum Supply: 396,969,697
Sale Token allocation & Pre Sale: 238.2 million
The Type Of Token: ERC20-Ethereum Blockchain
Ethereum Receive:
AML/KYC Requirements: Yes
ODEM Token Sale Price: EUR 0.05 equivalents in Ethereum
Country: Switzerland\

Current model — Client makes direct request via phone or email. Must go through many layers and negotiations
ODEM Solution — Easy Request for Lectures / Programs via ODEM portal.
Benefits — Requests are captured accurately and immediately forced to bid, triggering the fulfillment process. Customers are matched to programs with desired dates with lower overhead.

ODEM Road map
For more info, please click the following link:

Official WebSite: https://odem.IO/
White Paper: http://odem.IO/Docs/Whitepaper/ODEM.IO-Whitepaper.PDF
Telegram: https://t.Me/odem_io
Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/odemio/
Twitter: https://Twitter.com/ODEM_IO
BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?Topic=2678328.0


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