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The Gilgamesh platform is a knowledge-sharing social network powered by the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS that socially connects readers, critics, authors, and service providers, and empowers all users to become more knowledgeable and information-centric through a cohesive and engaging user experience. The platform is a resource for knowledge-seekers to unite and create an organized and infallible outlet that transforms the publishing industry and the way readers interact with one another by using Blockchain technology.
The platform is an accessible, fair market ecosystem that incentivizes readers, critics, authors, and service providers with “GIL” Tokens in proportion to their contribution through Ethereum smart contracts. Phase one of the Gilgamesh platform will focus on organically growing user participation through interactive knowledge-sharing and incentives, and will meet a need in the market for a social platform that allows readers and participants in the book reading tradition, to share knowledge with one another in an interactive way.
Phase two of the Gilgamesh platform will establish a network that removes the middleman in the publishing industry to garner more financial support for authors and remove the barrier of access for people to transfer and receive information. The selfpublishing platform will replace traditional publishers, the “middleman”, by employing the marketplace power of Ethereum network, blockchain technology, and IPFS.

The Problem
Books have been our main source of knowledge for thousands of years. However, with the advent of new technologies and the internet, there is no simple, meaningful, and productive platform that encourages book readers and authors to connect, engage, and gain knowledge. Instead, the market is full of stagnant and outdated platforms that no longer satisfy the demands of the book community.

  • Authors and readers are not connected
  • Readers can’t socialize and share knowledge with other readers
  • Authors don’t get real-time feedback and reviews of their books

Gilgamesh Platform is the Solution
The Gilgamesh platform provides a unique, simple user experience that encourages readers to engage and connect with one another, consume more informative content, and gain knowledge.
The platform is an open market for users to socialize; find, buy, review, and discuss books; and directly influence the publishing industry. Authors will be able to publish their work through service providers and receive the full financial benefit of their sales on the platform, which will bring new authors into the market and influence the way people consume books.

  • Readers, critics, and authors can connect socially
  • The platform revitalizes the book industry and creates a friendly and fun environment for the book community
  • Gilgamesh removes the publisher as middleman; authors can purchase services from self-publishing service providers on the platform
  • Authors and service providers earn a fair, living wage for their sales and services
  • Users create their own opportunities for success and become happier, more intelligent people

The Gilgamesh philosophy is to propel the human race forward through peer-to-peer learning and open dialogue. Stripped down, books can act as mentors that guide people to solutions, innovative thinking, and personal advancement. The Gilgamesh platform was created to encourage readers to consume better, more complete content, to engage with other readers, and create a fair market for authors, readers, and platform participants.
The Gilgamesh platform will engage a native and flexible utility token that is unique to the platform by using the Ethereum ERC20 standard token which users will earn on the platform and spend on goods and services offered, or voting on the future of the platform. Users will earn tokens for actively participating in the platform through social engagement, creating useful content, or providing a service. The tokens earned can be saved to earn governing influence on the platform, purchase books, audio books, eBooks, or publishing services. Authors in particular will benefit from the Gilgamesh platform because each token earned can be spent on platform publishing services, advertising, etc., or donating to charity. The platform will also serve to connect authors with book designers, copy editors, distributors, copyright lawyers, and printing service providers who can be paid through the platform using Gilgamesh tokens.
Use of the Ethereum network & IPFS allows the Gilgamesh platform to securely store critical information such as user information, token distribution, and book files on the blockchain. Since the blockchain is based on cryptographic hash, decentralized and protected against hackers and corporate oversight, the platform will be a truly censorshipfree, safe, and permanent solution for authors, writers, and readers to exercise freedom of speech, and disperse and consume information in a self-sustaining ecosystem. Additionally, Staking GIL tokens on the Gilgamesh platform to propose features for the platform will ensure governance. Since the platform is a fair market exchange, each tokenholder retains voting rights for governance over changes to the platform. Using smart 12 Executive Summary contracts, the Ethereum network protects each token-holder’s right to vote and propose platform changes, and maintains the token-holder’s position in the ecosystem.
We believe that knowledge is powerful, and like the instant gratification that people get from social media, can become addicting on its own. When people fully engage with books they learn new things, overcome mental or personal challenges, and enjoy life more than those who are fixed on the screen.
The Gilgamesh platform will serve as an open market to find, buy, review, and discuss books which will directly influence the book industry. Authors will be able to publish and receive the full financial benefit of their sales with the platform, which will bring new authors into the market, and influence the way people consume books. By adding the social aspect, the platform will grow organically as users work to establish a valuable position on the platform through engagement with the platform and other users. Gilgamesh’s governance by token-holders will also provide an incentive to users to interact more often and more effectively with the platform to earn more influence on the development and advancement of the platform.
The Gilgamesh platform is designed for avid readers, sometimes readers, and new readers. The goal is to create a social connection within a fair market economy that lets people create their own opportunities for success doing something they love in order to be happier, more intelligent people.

Platform Development Plan
The Gilgamesh platform is not yet built. The best-practices process identified by the Gilgamesh team includes building web services, database design and development, batch jobs, scraping web pages, developing reporting tools, creation of token web services and Ethereum smart contracts, storing sensitive data on IPFS, IOS application development, Android app development, creation of a responsive website, and integration of a blockchain based payment system.
IOS Application Flow
The Gilgamesh team engaged with designers to create mockups and prototypes of the Gilgamesh knowledge-sharing social app.
How to earn GIL Token
There are three different user-types: reader/critic, author, and service provider. Each usertype can engage with the platform as more than one user-type, however, the ways to earn or use GIL are uniquely defined based on how the platform is used. Readers/Critics, Authors, and Service Providers earn through Social, Constructive, or Growth user engagements

Token Sale
GIL Token Distribution
The GIL Token is a utility token meant to be used only on Gilgamesh Platform and it should not be used for investment, GIL Token is an incentive to boost user engagement, grow the platform organically, raise capital, and create a fair market economy. The GIL Token also represents Governance of the platform, and will give token-holders voting power over platform decisions.

  • Token Sale Purchasers: 25%
    Skiral Inc. will utilize a token sale campaign to raise money for the development of Gilgamesh Platform. Token sale purchasers can gain influence in the governance of the Gilgamesh platform, spend tokens on the platform on goods and services, or maintain their initial status to vote and influence the Gilgamesh platform for future features and changes.
  • Founders: 20%
    The Gilgamesh platform will be built by a core team of developers and programmers over the course of several years. To reward past work and stimulate progress, the founders and early contributors will be given GIL Tokens as a reward and to acquire governance power over the platform. Founders will receive GIL tokens over a 24-months vesting period with a 6-month cliff which means founders will mature 25% of their GIL tokens every 6 months.
  • Early contributors & Advisors: 5%
    Early contributors will receive GIL tokens over a 6-month vesting period with a 3-month cliff, which means early contributors mature 50% of GIL tokens at the end of the third month and the remaining 50% at the end of the sixth month. Advisors will receive GIL tokens over a 1-year vesting period with a 6-month cliff which means advisors will mature 50% of their GIL tokens every 6 months.
  • Retained by Gilgamesh: 20%
    The GIL Tokens will initially be locked and withheld for 18 months after the token sale from the platform and disbursed slowly for future growth and to sustain the GIL ecosystem through platform operations, research and development, and product discovery and expansion.
  • Users in the Gilgamesh Platform: 30%
    GIL tokens will be retained for distribution to users based on productive contributions to the platform. however, every year 5% of tokens will be injected to the platform for 6 years, afterwards it's expected that Gilgamesh Platform earns enough tokens to pay GIL tokens for platform users. The tokens can be used to buy goods or services such as books or publishing services on the platform or can be held by users for voting power to govern the platform.


  • Mahdi Pedramrazi, Founder & Software Architect
    Entrepreneur, Software Architect, Full Stack Software Engineer, UI Architect, and Ethereum Smart Contract Developer with over 10 years of experience in software development and front-end technologies. Main Architect, and engineer of many complex enterprise level web applications, and single page applications. Mahdi is obsessed with writing clean and extensible code, building blockchain-based applications and distributed systems to push the humanity forward.
  • Atefe Mosayebi, Software Engineer & Project Manager
    Atefe is passionate about building great software and applying technology to improve humanity. She is experienced in software design and development and has a solid foundation in computer science, algorithms, data structures, and software design and relational databases and SQL development. Her interests include cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, large-scale distributed systems, and web applications


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