Money Token [IMT]

What is MoneyToken?

MoneyToken is not only a platform but an ECOSYSTEM and it is worldwide, meaning anyone around the world from different countries can borrow, Lend and Loan from MoneyToken. Sample, your from Africa and you want to loan, and the lender is from Europe, it will be easy to loan without the worries and hassle we usually get from banks “the interest rate, credit check and requirements to be qualified for a loan, the difficulties to be approved, the long wait for step by step process”. MoneyToken is here for you, it offers easy financial service, you can loan instantly, fast and easy! Loan 5 Million dollar in 5 minutes without credit checks. That easy!

It will be having a decentralized exchange too so it would be easy to convert IMT and MTC to usd and other currencies available in the platform.

ICO’s have been rampant of recent, and there is no sign of the trend slowing down anytime soon. What we are seeing is many industries ‘First’s’ in the space as people are only beginning to grasp the power of Blockchain Technology and what it can truly do Our mission is to enable smart contracts to interact with the real world as if it were an API. Join us in decentralizing location-reliant trade markets. The birth of Smart Contracts has opened up a limitless amount of possibilities with many business use cases, use cases that were not possible before Blockchain Technology existed.

The MoneyToken platform uses blockchain technology. Blockchain serves as an intermediary between the token holder and the real estate developer. Token holders can deposit their tokens through platforms to gain investment benefits, while real estate developers can raise funds through the platform. This system is based on something called the MoneyToken network-based “an innovative artificial intelligence prediction model based on a machine learning approach for price forecasting on short-term and long-term forecasts, storing and distributing data and maintaining their consistency and integrity that can be used for use cases like decentralized processing, The Blockchain is simply blocks of data hashed together and chained using previous hashes and its current block to maintain consistency across the chain (Vijayan, 2017 ). Blockchains use the SHA 256 algorithm to create a hash. The unique nature of the hash makes its resource intensive to crack as the SHA256 hash can only be broken today through brute force with computational power that is not available yet in the commercial hardware market (Vijayan, 2017).

What Initial Money Token (IMT) and MTC?

IMT will be the token for sale in MONETOKEN ICO. It is a utility token that will be used in the platform,and which will allow you to get a membership and gives you privileges on the platform and up to 60% discount on the platform fees for Customer Membership, and if you want to be a Lender you need to buy IMT to deposit for Lender Membership, and for the discount to apply, 50% of the equivalent in USD is charged on your IMT user balance.

The platform needs to have a stable coin to be used for issuing loans to the Borrowers. And it will be MTC, it is a stable coin that will always be $1. It will be launched on the release of the platform.

Everyone from Miners, Traders, Developer, Investors, ICO’s and even Exchanges can get a Loan and just hold or leverage your Cryptocurrency Assets and Holdings. Maximize your Assets.

MoneyToken will be using Artificial Intellegence Assistant


Using Artificial Intelligence is the trend for technologies and innovations now, and MoneyToken will be using one named “Amanda” !! Executions of Loan transactions would be accurate and automated.

How It Works:

Let’s say Mike, the owner of a mining farm, has an urgent need to grow his capacity and plans to purchase some equipment worth $500,000. Mike might sell his Bitcoins and receive the sum in fiat currency, or even buy the equipment in Bitcoin, in which case he’s lost his investment position.

MoneyToken Card


Symbol: IMT
Token selling price: $ 0.005
Retail Price: $ 0.05
Max. emission: 20,044
Private Sale: Feb 07 – 21 Mar Soft Cap: -. Hard cap: $ 1.5MM
Pre-Sales: March 22 – May 1st Soft seal: $ 1.5MB. Hard coverage: $ 5MM
Token Sale: May 02 – Jun 06 Soft seal: $ 3MM Hard cap: $ 35MM
Retail Sales: Jun 07. Soft seal: -. Hard cap: -.


Avoid cash flow issues or invest in more equipment, without losing your existing mined cryptocurrency.
Traders and investors
Hold on to your cryptocurrency investment portfolio and use leverage to make further investments or increase your liquidity.


Quickly access cash, without all the red tape, for short-term business needs.
Meet extra cash needs while hedging exchange risks and leveraging your crypto assets.

Loan platform

MoneyToken wants to allow as many users as possible to borrow money and be a borrower, regardless of their financial status or credit score. Approval of the loan will take a few seconds, while the amount can be issued almost immediately thanks to the smart contract. Interestingly, in MoneyToken, credits were raised from a credit fund, which resulted in unnecessary collection of credit, as opposed to conventional p2p platforms.
The only idea is quite simple. A borrower, mortgage with many volatile assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum for example. In return they received an agreement loan in a stablecoin. Once the loan is repaid, they will receive back all the collateral, even in the case of multiple value increases due to market changes.

Safeguards secured




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