Why the 10% Upvotes? - It is a faucet function that I have used to grow STEEM.

Back in 2009 when I entered into Bitcoin, setting up Faucets to make the coin known was alpha and omega for early adopters to play with it. On Steem I had the pleasure of being ranked the #1 upvoter on the entire network and for a while now I have been doing it on Golos as well.

Since STEEM now has reached its almost maximum potential for what is possible to automate, we have reached the first critical mass of users and because of that, the price of STEEM is growing. So the same will be true for Golos.

The most valuable assets are the humans, every human is valuable and should be rewarded a bit for whatever work he/she contributes and a lot more for great contributions.

This platform is great, and I will keep supporting it for a long time to help establish a larger self-growing user base and continue to support GOLOS on the Bittrex market.

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And thank you so much for reading my blog :)


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А Вам, @fyrstikken, огромное спасибо за постоянную поддержку!!! Всего самого доброго, светлого и прекрасного!!!

25.05.2017 05:00

Thanks for your support)
Together we can grow and fly to the moon))

25.05.2017 06:27
I am very grateful to you
25.05.2017 06:32

Question! Why should STEEM be valued for its content, and not be GOLOS valued? You look at my blog is not it quality? Why is that ?

25.05.2017 06:36

Steem is valued by the number of active users and the competition. "Blogging" or "Voting" is equal to "Mining" - and just like Bitcoin, competition will be harder and harder.

On Golos I can vote for "everyone" with 10-15% but on STEEM I can now only vote with 0.5% or less in order to remain stable in my voting-power.

So yeah - your blog is full of shit, but that does not matter at this point in time - someone else will see your shitpost and make better post and be 10-100X better then you in connecting with other people and get a lot more upvotes then you could ever get with just shitposting.

The value of GOLOS/GBG goes UP when there is harder and harder competition, so the more users the better for the price - the more unique accounts/authors per day the better.

In the future, you will not be able to make money on "shitposts" because of the natural progress of things - as @inertia repeatedly says: "It is self correcting".

STEEM could go to $200, and the top trending bloggers will be really really good bloggers compared to the bottom ones at that point... It will also have a LOT more users that are active.

That is why GOLOS is a great investment - it has a bright future just like steem!

25.05.2017 07:42

Доля правды здесь есть! @fyrstikken

Но не все русские могут пойти на STEEM т.к российские номера ввели, но не подтверждаются! -Я телефон все ввел, но мне пишет "Вы находитесь в очеритде пожалуйста ожидайте мы отправим вам подтверждение на эл.почту"

Уже прошла неделя , а подтверждений нету никаких!

25.05.2017 12:13

Скорей всего закидали запросами. У многих были проблемы с регистрацией, вот и представьте сколько новых аккаунтов необходимо подтвердить после изменения реги. У самого заявка недели две без ответки.

25.05.2017 19:46

Будим надеяться то, что в скорем времени - все решится.

25.05.2017 22:02

У меня всё подтвердилось за пару часов.

22.06.2017 03:50

Thank you so much for the development of such a project as Golos!

25.05.2017 07:54

The most valuable assets are the humans

Well said.
Thanks for staying with us=)

25.05.2017 08:11

Весёлые футболки.

25.05.2017 09:08

Yeah. for sure...

ahahah.. (c) coar at steemit

25.05.2017 09:59

Very cool mug:)

25.05.2017 11:36

Good job! Greate!

25.05.2017 15:50

Thank you!)

25.05.2017 23:59

Thanks for your work! I believe in the Golos!

26.05.2017 06:32

Thank you for your upvotes!

26.05.2017 08:47

@fyrstikken, thanks for your votes!
I'm subscribing to your blog.

26.05.2017 16:37

@fyrstikken Отлично

31.05.2017 09:45

Как проголосовать я не знаю. Помогите

31.05.2017 14:56

Я Думал голос это рускоязычный проект

06.06.2017 10:39

@fyrstikken спасибо за голос

07.06.2017 07:17

@fyrstikken, without any connection with the subject of your blog, I want to tell you that I started a large-scale project to teach newcomers of the «Voices» the basics of crypto currency trading.
Yesterday I already post a «second lesson», and on the evening of this Sunday – the third one will be released. I ask you to support my course not only with an up voting, but also with repost of my article in your blog: /ru--golos/@mahadev/igra-na-birzhe-dlya-chainikov-2-nemnogo-motivacii

I believe that by doing this we shall be able to successfully develop our GOLOS and GBG tokens, constantly increasing their rates and our incomes.
In any case, I ask you to forgive me for audacious spam. I hope you will understand me correctly.

11.06.2017 00:26

@fyrstikken + присоединяюсь ко всем выше сказанным комментариям, спасибо вам за то что вы здесь, поддерживайте нас и в первую очередь проект ГОЛОС! Я вам желаю счастья и успехов!

12.06.2017 11:03

Сам планирую выходить со стартапом своим на ICO, стартап в сфере ИИ и блокчейн, возможно будет интеграция с Голос, если интересно подпишитесь, новости сегодня же вечером будут тут /@bitcoinking

I am planning ICO campaign for my Ai startup.
You can subscribe if you are interested

15.06.2017 12:28

Thanks for your work@fyrstikken

19.06.2017 07:00

@fyrstikken, Thank you for your upvotes! It's very kind of you to give some supports to new users.

20.06.2017 17:57