We are going to make GOLOS TREND in All Slavic countries! This is How!

I just powered up a bit of Golos, putting my money where my words are so we can bring this fantastic platform to the masses of people in Slavic countries and neighbouring countries. BTW: I Love what you guys did by implementing more languages and alphabets in the GOLOS User Interface.

I will write in English, because that is my best second language, and if that is a problem for you, I apologise but I am here to help you make GOLOS a success so Let us get down to business!

Golos can reach a billion people in the east and in the South

The potential is endless, but we wont get there if we do not work for it, so do what you can where you are and tell as many people as you can about GOLOS. @inertia has built a great VOTE-BOT for Golos as well as for STEEM, and with this new tool, we now have the capacity to welcome new users while continuing supporting older users.

We Win!

If anyone among us is negative, tell him to shut up and listen to those who are positive, because we are starting from the bottom and we are going to build something insanely great together. You will see, this is JUST THE BEGINNING!

Start accumulating Golos & tell others to do the same

I just proven by transaction and power-up that I am a man of my words, so I don´t come here preaching bullshit to you guys but actually put money behind my words. That being said - I also run SteemSpeak Discord And I suggest the largest players in Golos come and spend regular time in the voice-chat with me and my STEEM OG´s. We are all here to help make GOLOS a great success in the markets it is designed for.

I am here to serve, tell me what you need done

This attitude is something we all must apply to ourself in the bullish growth-team. And that is my final point - We will become successful, we will win the Social Media Majority in the East and in the South and we will build this platform together with a little help from our friends.

Ask not what GOLOS can do for you, but ask yourself what YOU can do for GOLOS

Thank you for reading, I wish you Gods Blessing over you and your family. Please subscribe for future updates and become a TRUE GOLOS EVANGELIST!


Join me and 600+ other members on SteemSpeak Discord if you speak english

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Absolutely +++

29.03.2017 07:13

Great, keep it up!

29.03.2017 09:33

dunno why all "steemit" guys are all so positive about Golos..
we have about 400 active users, tons of plagiarism called "rewrite"
and tokens at nearly ico price)

29.03.2017 09:50

At these prices, anybody can become a 'whale' investor. When the people are sad and times are tough, that is the time to buy.

Now we work through the tough times and reap the harvest in the good times.

29.03.2017 12:45

We are the masters of our own destiny. We can make Golos great!

29.03.2017 12:42

d'U have a plan 4 that?)

29.03.2017 12:51

The plan is outlined above in the post. Success won't come to us without effort. It takes work to make it happen.

Follow the steps above outlined by @fyrstikken. Talk about solutions. Make those solutions happen. Talk about golos to friends. Buy more golos and tell others to buy golos.

You say you have a problem with plagiarism?

Let's start a group that checks posts for plagiarism and reports them. Steem has a similar groups already. They have the cheetah bot which searches for plagiarism. They have the steemcleaners group that finds plagiarism and downvotes it. This golos community can find solutions to problems and they can implement those solutions. That is how success is built.

29.03.2017 13:02

thankfuly @anyx we also have cheetah here.
and an analogue of steemcleaners called @kulturagolosa

but they do nothing but follow cheetah pointed out content and warn users that it is bad to copy-paste content here. (after couple of warnings they flag users)

the problem is that we have invented an new definition for plagiarism here - so called rewrite))

let's say U saw some content, have changed a couple of words - profit!
nobody will punish U for such actions, 'cause nobody cares.

29.03.2017 13:13

Interesting. Thanks for that information.

29.03.2017 13:21

fyrstikken has spoken

29.03.2017 13:30

He serves us all.

29.03.2017 13:48

Sounds great @fyrstikken

29.03.2017 15:19

А по русски, можно комментировать?

29.03.2017 17:14

Solid Footing for the Stand.
Having grounded ourselves, we go forward.
For all.
Post, Follow, Upvote, Share, Continue.

29.03.2017 20:51