TheDegenSloth: Can we do a design change?

Site looks so similar to, maybe we can make Golos more sexy by doing some simple re-design. Here is a proposal for a Golos hackaton/designaton!

Shoutout to @thedegensloth - @vik - @seablue - @inertia

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Do it with CSS =)

05.04.2017 14:16

I would be all for an idea like this, an edit feature on the site. So it could allow profile to be personalized. Even if its just custom colors it don't require much change in the code. It would basically be the same thing as a profile picture. Allowing people to express them self could go a long ways.

05.04.2017 14:21

Any little tweak to make it more personal is appreciated. Nice changes you all.

05.04.2017 15:09

that is awesome!! Lets do it!!

05.04.2017 15:20

I will say that both platforms have an ascetic design at the moment -)

05.04.2017 14:39

Although I don't see a big difference in the above example except for the background image being changed?

I agree that golos could need a new re-design and other colors than blue. I think gold/black would be very fitting for it considering the gold-backed tokens.

06.04.2017 14:45

@ Hello, @fyrstikken! I wanna ask you: did you already vote for witnesses?

07.04.2017 13:30