Invitation to join SteemSpeak & Golos Discord for Russian & English speakers!

The way forward is through dialogue so to you bilingual who speak Russian & English here is your chance to not only be part of, but also become a very important ambassador for Golos.


We are about 3500 members, active super-users, investors, developers among our members and are known to be a NO-BULLSHIT NO-CORRUPTION community, a think-tank, a resolution-center for small and large problems.

Neither Golos nor Steem is perfect, but they both can be if long term thinking, smart tokens, power-delegation, decentralized exchange and many other things are implemented along the way.

Not long ago Steem had a big problem with dolphins and whales only voting for each other, resulting in enormous drop in price-value and invisible votes from most people creating a depression that lasted all the way down to 7 cents.

GOLOS investors lose big time not having the power to delegate GolosPower to partners and projects. Bloggers are losing a lot of money not having 7 days payout period on their posts instead of short thinking 24 hours which can make it hard to catch important news and properly reward the users for it.

Golos - Think Global - Win Market Shares - Grow!

When I look at Golos, I see a bright future - but to reach that beautiful destination it is important to distribute as much GOLOS tokens as possible to as many accounts as possible. NOT FOREVER - just long enough to grow the platform with more users, more people who will invest, more people to lift GOLOS, where GOLOS have never been before.

Supporting Anti-Corruption & Anti-Centralization

The way I have seen Golos centralizing power around special beneficiary clubs/communities is very short term thinking, and only create 3-4 fat new pigs. Pigs in financial terms means people who have rigged the system in their favour so they can get fat on other peoples work, and in Golos-Terms that means to send/sell articles off chain to Dolphins & Whales who publish it under their name & upvotes, and give a 20-50% to the author. Not exactly what the blockchain was designed for, so no surprise that this creates friction in the eco-system.

Making Golos Great = Get rid of toxic economical behaviours

Every Website/Business/Blockchain succeeds when People succeed. And Golos should be able to handle millions of people but is not even handling 100,000 accounts because people are slow to sign up.... why?

Well, most likely because Generosity does not exist on Golos and if Golos becomes known for that, well then we have nothing left but a platform with less and less users, lower price, maybe even delisting from Bittrex, I have seen it happen before to many many many coins where someone got too greedy and focused wrong, instead of building a user base, they treated people bad and users left.

Our Community is about Steem & Golos platforms - Making them the best they can be & The most profitable possible for everyone - Join us

Click here to join SteemSpeak & Golos Discord - a 24/7 Active voice & text community with about 3500 members & Growing!

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Я пользовался переводчиком, чтобы прочитать. И с разделами «Golos - Think Global - Win Market Shares - Grow!» и «Supporting Anti-Corruption & Anti-Centralization», на сколько я их смог понять, в целом - согласен 👍🏻

25.10.2017 22:20

Not exactly what the blockchain was designed for, so no surprise that this creates friction in the eco-system.

Totally agree with you!

25.10.2017 22:29

Согласен. VP (популисты) кормят самых хитрованистых. Коррупция в чистом виде. Предпринимательства в этом нет, только распил в пользу ограниченного числа приближённых.

25.10.2017 22:31
Не хотите присоединиться к "хитрованистым" и предложить какой-нибудь дельный материал одному из сообществ? Ведь пустое излитие желчи всем на Голосе уже надоело и больше не пользуется популярностью.
Пора перестраиваться..
26.10.2017 05:33

Underpaid corrupted minion №1.

26.10.2017 06:58

Не хотите присоединиться к "хитрованистым" и предложить какой-нибудь дельный материал одному из сообществ?

Нет. Мне мама не разрешает вступать в банды и зарабатывать себе на хлеб коррупцией.

всем на Голосе уже надоело и больше не пользуется популярностью.

Вы выдаете своё мнение за мнение всех. Типичный популист.
Во главе стада всегда стоит пастух, который "Всё" знает. Возле пастуха всегда вьются несколько подпевал, разъясняющих политику партии.

26.10.2017 08:53

Вы относите себя к первой группе или ко второй?

26.10.2017 08:56

У вас проблемы с логикой. Я не в стаде.
И за долю малую в корыте ничего делать не буду. Удачи вам в вашем нелегком труде;)

26.10.2017 09:00

За пожелание удачи - спасибо. А насчет того, в стаде вы или нет, вы заблуждаетесь. Так что вам тоже удачи!

26.10.2017 09:08

Конечно нужно больше пользователей, но тогда будет и выше конкуренция, а почти все бояться конкуренции. (Of course, more users are needed, but then there will be more competition, and almost everyone is afraid of competition)

25.10.2017 22:34

Yeah, Golos is quite centralized now as I see. Hope after long-waited hardfork things will change;))

25.10.2017 22:35

Кстати да...Отцы-основатели, Сатоши и Лаример, закладывали в блокчейн идеи процветания для многих людей.

А не только лишь для кучки пронырливых куркулей.

25.10.2017 22:36

You're Goddamn Right @fyrstikken

25.10.2017 22:42


26.10.2017 08:44

It’s a real problem when whales only voting for each other. How we can change it?
I’ve joined to SteemSpeak & Golos Discord as alenevaa.

25.10.2017 22:51

Голос не растет из-за закрытости системы. Только приближенные допускаются к кормушке.

The Golos does not grow because system is closed. Only chosen one are allowed to be paid.

25.10.2017 23:01

I would't said chosen. Its rather 3 - 5 bucks slaves.

26.10.2017 07:21

Very interesting @fyrstikken :)

26.10.2017 00:51

And I hope can grow here :)

26.10.2017 00:57

Thank you for all your support to me.

26.10.2017 03:58

Golos is too close system now. Too small amount of people have most power. They control development and they can force implement changes into the project by voting for needed witnesses who will do whatever they say.

It's just dangerous to invest in such a centralized system.

26.10.2017 04:25

Этот пост надо репостить и я подготовлю перевод для тех, кто не знает языка,чтобы передать идею!!!И приглашение @fyrstikken присоединиться к дискуссии голосом.
It is Great post and I will share it and also would like to translate to Russian! So people who dont know how to use translators can have understanding! It is very important to spread the thruth. And the invitation of Fyrstikken Ito join the voice chat to discuss further development of Golos and Steem,

26.10.2017 05:37

Ну вот...На платформе полно носительниц языка, проживающих в дальнем зарубежье. Некоторые из низ постоянно подчеркивают это свое носительство.
А перевод поста на русский вызвалась делать лишь одна очаровательная молодая женщина из Казахстана.
Та, что находится на девятом месяце беременности и которой кто-то из интернетных русских высокомерно простил орфографию потому что "ей русский не родной"...

Иногда мне становится интересно: а покидают ли интернетные жители вирт? Выходят ли они в реал хотя-бы изредко?

26.10.2017 06:28

Буду благодарен, если ссылку на свой пост ответным комментом здесь разместите - не успеваю иногда читать ленту. Но даже с техпереводом мысль понятна. Есть ещё одна проблема - нет поддержки тегов ru на Стимите. Да, там можно писать на английском, и даже переводить свои посты на другие языки длительно гоняя текст в обе стороны по транслетеру до полного совпадения смыслов, но... от этого русское сообщество на Стимите лишь заведомо проиграет -

26.10.2017 08:33

если на Голосе не изменится политика, ребята на стимите предлагают много разных вариантов в том числе и создание русского сообщества, которое они готовы поддерживать! Но попробуем все-же тут достучаться до небес)) ведь им в первую очередь будет выгодно развитие токена)))

26.10.2017 09:10

Да, русское сообщество - это ИДЕЯ! Будем ждать одного из двух)

26.10.2017 09:17

@fyrstikken I've been a Golos user for alomost two months, and I do see some issues, too. But I'm not sure what the best approach would be solve them. Just for the record, not all the groups here are equal and not do all of them just plunder from the authors. I have some personal experience with a group which is a great support for its members, paying back at least 70% of the money earned and creating a healthy atmosphere for the members to thrive. My point here is that I do agree, things can be done better for the sake of users, investors and the overall future of the project. But it should be done in a smart and thought through way. You should also consider that Golos is a perfect reflection of the situation within the entire Russian sosciety, and things have always been done differently in my former motherland. Rocking the boat we are all in isn't necessarily gonna help. Just saying.

26.10.2017 05:44

Underpaid minion №2. Who is happy to write unpopular shit for 70% of GBG.

26.10.2017 07:02

What are basing your assumptions on? I didn't say I'm happy. Neither I'm underpayed. I simply shared a slightly different perspective and stated that creating a revolution-like situation without weighting all pros and cons doesn't seem to be a working solution, in my opinion. Besides, some people are just team players, there is nothing wrong with that.

26.10.2017 07:09

We dont search a job at content market for 70% of GBG! We need decentralization!

26.10.2017 07:13

That's awesome, I dont argue with that. But you can't just force it without causing some damage. Besides, if you don't want such a job, it does't mean it's not good. There are people who do OK and are happy. Im not taking about myself. Don't be so self-oriented. Please, consider other opinions. My upvote to read percentage is close to 40-50, even though I sometimes write long articles and post some of them via a group. Not like I'm a fan of such a format, but people do read the content if they find it appealing.

26.10.2017 07:16

Dont protect slavery! I need decentralization. No underpaid job, no charity club and etc.

26.10.2017 07:36

))) Оkay ,there is no point to argue.

26.10.2017 07:39

I fully agree with the fact that the Golos should increase the user base. One of the most painful moments is paid registration, which scares off traffic :(
Do you have a Telegram channel ? I would like to join, but do not use the Discord.

26.10.2017 06:34

only telegram

26.10.2017 07:09

Nope, just join the steem speak channel and talk to all of us, it's fun.

26.10.2017 15:09

Have fun without me)

26.10.2017 15:42

I'll have fun either way.

26.10.2017 15:45

Dear friend.
Only the flow of independent investors can solve the problem of decentralization. Writers will not raise this task. Attraction of investors is a task for PR people. But their efforts should be paid for by the whole site. And not a separate whale or group. "Voice-Friendship-Magic" solves the issue of finding and supporting such independent PR people. As well as paying for their services at the level of the blockbuster. If this topic is of interest to foreign investors in the Voice, then I will prepare a memorandum in English with examples. Good luck.

26.10.2017 06:49

@mimocrocodil You know, I do not always agree with your ideas. But I should admit, this one derserves an upvote! I'm not upvoting literally though, cause it's financially unreasonable))))

26.10.2017 07:44

"Voice-Friendship-Magic" gives you a scheme to receive a reward for PR. Decentralized and mutually beneficial

26.10.2017 08:35

Мой зеленый друг, а не приоткроете ли мне завесу тайны - с какого такого икса некто @pio только что флаганул мой коммент выше? Каюсь, любопытна как Варвара))))

17.11.2017 08:20

Систа я чтоли ?.не могет такого быть...ща пойду гляну

17.11.2017 08:26

не ко мне вопросы...фуххх...не пугай так...
туда вопросы

17.11.2017 08:28

@mimocrocodil Не, не Вы. Но решила сначала спросить - может, я не в курсе каких-то нюансов?) Ладно, интересуюсь у любезного @pio - милостивый государь, что Вам так не по вкусу пришлось, что непременно флагануть решили?))

17.11.2017 08:29

Lol, man. Our "HFmakers" are main creators of corrupted token - laundary fake communities. Like as @cyberfund, his CEOs and their minions. They pump up this monster - @vox-populi-gp to guaranted upvotes for pocket accounts with unpopular sheets of text.
This is Russia, man! They like corruption more than vodka!

26.10.2017 06:58

Если кратко, если четко - только взятка, только водка!:) (с)

26.10.2017 16:03

What's interesting thing that @fyrstikken making the Power Down itself
for a long time "Incredible Expectations for HF17"?
So can we trust to this man? Or does he think we are blind?

26.10.2017 23:05

А в чем можно ему не доверять?
Очевидно, что хранить деньги в биткоинах при такой экосистеме, которая сейчас на Голосе гораздо выгоднее.
Как - то абсолютно не улыбается покупать на 10000$ Голоса, чтобы потом иметь три цента за Голос. Гораздо выгоднее на эти деньги накупить рерайта на бирже и распихать по популям.

27.10.2017 05:15

Totally agree with you. Many users leave the platform in disappointment. Investors are afraid to invest because of an unclear situation on the platform. The authors receive scanty payments for their works. All this negatively affects the work of the platform as a whole. I want everything to go well as quickly as possible.
Sorry for my english, I'm using

26.10.2017 08:05

They will lose in the end, if nothing changes. Golos has too much of a bright future for that to happen!

26.10.2017 08:43

@fyrstikken I made translation and posted so more people can join!Сделала перевод! @karmoputnik отметила)

26.10.2017 09:07

i'm in!

26.10.2017 11:07

@fyrstikken System must change or die. It is life. We will help change Golos.

26.10.2017 13:23

So long as there is not a linear, but a quadratic system of payments, everything will remain as before. Not without reason on Steеm it was replaced by a linear one.

26.10.2017 16:02

Полностью поддерживаю!

26.10.2017 17:43

@fyrstikken - @coinbank will be the first in terms of capitalization?
Now he is number 5 -

26.10.2017 17:49

Yes, yes, yes!

26.10.2017 18:28

fyrstikken I love you! Many thanks for you job and you optimism.

26.10.2017 18:33

Thanks a million.
Your words are very wise.
It's a pity that you left the Golos

26.10.2017 19:52

a wise decision

26.10.2017 20:01

@fyrstikken, Поздравляю!
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27.10.2017 06:02

To fix this system with payments to authors 20-50%. And as well as accounted accounts. It is necessary to bring the system to the point of absurdity. To do this, you need to take a super powerful account where there is> 3kk then create 10 regular accounts to publish every day with them on many posts with cats colors and different nonsense and vote for these posts with a super-powerful account. The essence of the work of this scheme will be exactly the same as those of those schemes that work now on Golos. This will show everyone and developers, including the vulnerability of the operating system to such exploitation and they will be forced to do something about it ...

Sory man, bad English - use google translite

27.10.2017 07:26