DEBUG: Golos Profile Settings Problem - VIDEO

I have the most awesome profile-picture, but the settings-page is broken on Golos/Settings, Please watch:

shoutout to @inertia, @vik, @thedegensloth, @golos

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Maby they making changes on "Settings" page....
btw, Golos logo disapire on settings page

13.04.2017 15:13

Hi, what happens in the console at this time?
Apparently in the last days the team is working on updating the node

13.04.2017 15:28

I don´t know.
I hope it get fixed, I use the English language and USD as interface, no google/chrome translator.

13.04.2017 15:40

TypeError: can't assign to properties of (new String("{created_at: 'GENESIS'}")): not an object

13.04.2017 16:40

I also noticed that the error in the profile is only for accounts created at genesis

13.04.2017 15:32

hmm, that is not good.

13.04.2017 16:34

I didn't see any error. I have an account created at genesis. But I was also involved in the ICO. Both were expressed in json_metadata. I wonder if that's a factor ...

13.04.2017 18:29

Same here, I'm not able to set any information.

14.04.2017 10:58