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Atomic Wallet and AWC

Hello, readers of my blog. In previous atomic wallet articles, I described how to buy BTC with a credit card and transfer assets to other resources. This article will address the issue of buying EOS.
In the Wallets tab, enter EOS and copy your wallet data. This is necessary for buying and selling, such as trading on the exchange. The same operation can be performed with different coins that are currently supported by the platform. A good opportunity is to exchange a cryptocurrency inside the wallet, the Exchange tab.
The Swap option is very convenient and helps you to exchange, for example, LTC for BTC, inside the wallet, without using exchangers. In Swap Markets, there are orders of users and you can choose the right for you in terms of volume and price. Please note that there is a minimum amount for exchange. If you are interested in the project, then more detailed information about the functions of the wallet can be obtained on the official website or read my previous articles, which describe useful options of the wallet.
The AWC coin is traded on the Binance DEX exchange, which is undoubtedly a positive factor and proves that the project is developing and is moving towards success.
After downloading the wallet, you have the opportunity to participate in airdrop and get AWC coins to your balance. By spreading information about the Atomic Wallet platform, you become a member of the referral program and will receive dividends from attracting new users to the system.
This is a multi-currency wallet that supports most of the main cryptocurrencies and tokens of various projects. The interface of the platform is simple and user-friendly. At the moment, it supports more than 300+ tokens and periodically adds new coins. The app constantly updates and enhances security to securely store your assets.
In more detail, you can familiarize with the project on their official site
You can also download the wallet and subscribe to updates, the wallet is available for all major operating systems.

The decision of a decentralized wallet is a criterion of transparency, reliability, and security, in my opinion, the most important components for storing your assets. The Atomic wallet supports most blockchains (XRP, XLM, XMR, and others). Compliance with decentralization makes this wallet private, and I think that users will appreciate the development of a team of project professionals. Atomic wallet eliminates the problem of interaction between different cryptocurrencies, it is a very convenient wallet that allows you to manage your assets in one place.
Platform functionality at a high level. There are many useful options for users, there are original solutions. I have been using the wallet for a long time and everything completely satisfies me.

I liked the development of the project, it is felt that real professionals were engaged in it. The team brings together international e-commerce experts. Security and development functionality comes first. The founders have many years of experience in the business. Currently, it is being implemented in a large network.


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