Casino games have been in operation from time immemorial, starting from the time where internet services were not available; several people were playing Casino of different kinds. The introduction of internet further enlarges the market when players were able to download Casino Games and play on their mobile devices. According to statistics, Casino Gaming has a huge market capitalization compare to some other sectors of the global economy. This huge market capitalization could have been due to the fact that Casino Games playing does not just entertain but players make money by winning the Games.

Never the less, the advent of blockchain technology brought CASINO games in to another level with different Casino projects utilizing the blockchain technology to offer CASINO services to users. But this is not without challenges of low value of their Game coins, unstable and unreliable platforms among other difficulties. ANYONE has therefore come to change the status quo and better experience to Casino players worldwide. Get more information from the website:

I can say boldly say that ANYONE is designed as a special CASINO platform with offices in HONG KONG and BELIZE, ANYONE seems to be the first Blockchain based CASINO platform that has physical offices where they operated from. Also, in some CASINO platforms they have one or just a few CASINO games for players, But ANYONE LTD has created different interesting CASINO GAMES for its players to enjoy and earn some Games CHIPs. ANYONE Casino Games are in different categories such as: TABLE Games: where you have Sicba, Roulette, Boacarat , you also have SLOT Games like : Chinese Beauty Game, Quick Games also Dragon and Tiger Game. Another one is MINI Games where you have Odd and Even Casino Game. Get more information about ANYONE CASINO Games here:

CASINO Players on ANYONE CASINO platform have been enjoying High value and Reliability which is lacking on other Blockchain based Casino platforms, this is due to a conscious effort by the team of ANYONE LTD , who have created GAMES Chips and give it a high value by making 1 Game Chip to be equivalent to 1 USD on Exchange . I have to also mention here that in order to take over the entire Asian countries and other parts of the world where internet services is not still very affordable , ANYONE is also operating an OFFLINE CASINO games for the players in such areas. With this ONLINE and OFFLINE Casino Games, ANYONE is able to raise a huge Revenue on a daily basis.
ANYONE LTD does not just end in the CASINO Games; they have also in integrated a dividend payment platform. Where investors can buy ANY coin and receive daily dividend depending on the amount of ANY he owns. This dividend business model of ANYONE LTD is made so transparent and effective such that it is attracting a lot of investors to the platform everyday. You can get more information on how to be and investor and earn dividend here :

Also, the value of ANY coin is set high due to the different uses of the coin and the limited supply in circulation. ANYONE casino players both Online and offline Players directly or indirectly make use of ANY coin. Investors buy ANYcoin in millions to earn big dividend as a ROI. ANYONE Exchange will also add value to ANY Coin as it will be used as a means of transactions.

ANYONE has designed different versions of wallets for users, WEB and ANDROID versions. With the launch of ANYONE Exchange; users can trade their crypto assets directly from their ANYONE wallets. You can download the available versions here:
Windows 32bit:
Winodws 64bit:

Recently, ANYONE has also designed Mobile and PC Applications that will enable users enjoy the platform the more. According to the team, the true version of the Mobile and PC versions of ANYONE Application will be released this month of July while the beta version is already available for test by users. I downloaded and installed the beta version on my mobile phone and it was a wonderful experience with a beautiful and simple interface.

To be sincere ANYONE is changing the world of CASINO Games in no time. You can imagine the speed already taken. The ICO was just April 2019 and in few months ANYONE has gotten to this level. One can only imagine where ANYONE LTD will get to in the next One year. Join the community today and enjoy these interesting benefits of Playing Casino Games, Investing and earning Dividend or trading on their Exchange.

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