Complete Construction Plans for the Mark 1 Sub-Machine Gun.

It's not everyday you need to clear a room of bad guys, but that day may be coming.

Those that rule us by force are not going to give up that privilege without some fighting, why would they?

If you need a gun that is not traceable here is how to make it in your home workshop. 

When in doubt, survive!

Have a perfectly peaceful day.

Keep working, stop paying.

Vote FBA King of the World

How to win in court!

How to win in court for far less!!


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I would love to see a youtube video of someone making this lol. if legal of-course. Seems a gun like that would be more dangerous to the shooter than any potential assailant lol

23.05.2017 14:04

Well, maybe a fan of @marcstevens will give us a link to one.

I'd think that they second or third one would come out just fine, if you got the tools,...

As long as you didn't advertise having it I don't see a problem.
Using it?
Too much advertisement for me.
But all rules go out the window when the balloon goes up,....??

23.05.2017 16:00

@freebornangel, Поздравляю!
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