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Self Identity is how an individual feels, sees and understands himself/herself. It's how someone perceives their character as an individual and in relation to society. It is generally the assessment of one's self, taking into consideration your attributes, occupation, skills and abilities and hobbies.

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Self refers to the complete human being with regards to his/her nature, both physically and psychologically and also abilities. It is the an individuals believe in his/her emotional, spiritual and social being. It's your own evaluation of yourself as an individual different from interpersonal or social roles.

Real Self is how an individual actually is all the time. It is how we feel, look, think and also act. It is what people see when they come into contact with us.

Ideal Self Is how we want to be. It is the best person we would like to be, and how we would like to be seen. It changes and it's our goals, ambitions and dreams.

Real Other is how an individual sees or feels about others. It's their perception of other people's character and nature.

Self Concept is an individuals mental picture of himself/herself. It's how you see yourself based on your beliefs and the response you get from others.

Self-Esteem is the self evaluation of one's own feelings about himself/herself. It is your emotional assessment of your worth.

Self-Confidence is the trust you have in yourself which allows you to accomplish what you set out to do. It's your personal judgement of your capabilities.

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