The SteemChurch Telos Village

I saw a post by @fatherfaith on #whaleshares about #steemchurch building a village on the Telos network.

Screenshot (114).pngScreenshot From My PC

I have heard about Telos a bit, and I have been wondering what to do to get on it and the post sparked my curiosity. I commented wanting to know more about it and he gave me a swift response. He even reached out on discord to ask if I was done registering and I appreciate that.

image from my pc

After registering, I was sent my login details and I logged downloaded SQRL to enable me access my account. I did everything and when I tried staking, I was getting error messages so I decided to close the app and reopen. After reopening, it wasn't connecting anymore but after a while, I found out what the problem could be. I changed the api address and it worked and I was able to stake. I finally got around this error and working smoothly since.

I am glad to be a part of SteemChurch and finally on Telos. SteemChurch wants to register all Christians accross all platforms on Telos and You get some amazing benefits when you become a member of the village. When you register with SteemChurch, you get;

  • A new custom SteemChurch Telos account (ending in .jc)
  • 10 TLOS gift.
  • 0.1 ACORN gift.
  • 10 kilobytes of RAM.
  • 8 TLOS CPU delegation.
  • 1 TLOS NET delegation.
  • 5 TLOS for each new member referred.

If you want to register, click here to fill the form and use fredkese.jc as you referrer.

Go to this link,, to register and remember to enter fredkese.jc as your referrer. Be part of something wonderful with SteemChurch as we go beyond Steem.

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