My Actifit Report

Today was a fun day. Next week is exams week, so there was a lot of games today to bring learning for the term to a close. Even teachers participated in the fun.

Hope y’all doing good. I was late to school today too and guess what, I wasn’t the only one. For some reason, lots of people were late today. I got up at 6:30 whiles I’m supposed to be in school at 7. Anyways, I got to school after 7:30.

We did some revisions and soon, it was lunch time. After lunch, it was time to play and the favorite sport here is football. You see the kids playing and having fun with it. Closed at 2 pm and after that, nothing fun.

Went to see my mum today only for her to tell me she’s not been feeling well lately and she went for some tests and it seems she has fibroid and needs to be operated on. Sad news. She goes to see the doctor on Monday and then we see what happens, but until then, we hope for the best. Goodnight everyone.

Daily Activity,Walking
178 cm
78 kg
Body Fat

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