My Actifit Report Card: June 25 2019

I greet you all. I didn’t say good evening because Ghana lost and so, my evening isn’t that good. It’s such a shame that this happened. But all the same, we are alive and there’s hope for tomorrow. Photo in the lost is that of me and another teacher.

Went to school quite early today. Starting to like teaching, but still want to move on. After didn’t do much activity in school, just explaining a few things to my students.

Came home from school and stayed indoors throughout. I had to go out but I didn’t go as it was raining. June and July is the rainy season here in Ghana and so, it can rain anytime. We don’t have a strong meteorological service, so you can’t count on them. I watched Ghana’s football match which we lost, and so, I just feel like sleeping now. Good job to Benin for drawing with Ghana.

Daily Activity
178 cm
78 kg
Body Fat

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