Moving out

When you watch a movie, especially an American movie, you seen teens moving out of their parents homes to settle on their own. They don't move out to go and live on the streets, or hustle for food. They tend to live quiet comfortably.

Here in Ghana, the story is much different. Maybe in the rural areas, it's much easier to start life on your own, because you probably have the whole community doing communal labour to help you build.

Photo Credit: @mydivathings

The average 18 year old in Accra has probably competed Senior High School and there's no money to continue to the university. He/she is probably being underpaid at work or probably unemployed. How do you move out in such a situation.

Some parents tell their children who've completed senior high school that, the money they have will be used on their junior siblings so they should find a job to do. Difficult to rent a decent apartment when you are on minimum wage.

The best most can do will be to work for awhile before they move out. You will observe that, the average senior high school graduate moves out of his/her parents house at the age of 25.

Governments start affordable housing projects with huge sums of money, but you never see or hear people moving into them. You wonder what is wrong with us as a people.

Getting accomodation in cities arond Ghana is becoming very difficult, especially when you don't have much money. Landlords have used the opportunity to charge outrageous fees and because you don't have an alternatives, you have to manage.

It's time governments start real planning for the people. A good night rest significantly iproves productivity which is great for the economy. If you have some place to call your own, be thankful.

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