Ghana, Nigeria's upcoming 37th state

I've always wondered why there are so many Nigerians over here in Ghana. I had a Nigerian friend when I was in the polytechnic and he always said he won't go back to Nigeria after school. He's been in Ghana since 2011 and he's still here. He even the kind of "connections" that very few Ghanaians even knew existed. He was a foreign student but found a way to register as a local student and pay lower fees. They always want shortcuts.

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My aunties went over to Nigeria this weekend to fellowship at the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) and they report that the country was quite empty from their observations. They've been going over the years so I believe they could be right considering that everyone thought there would be elections over the weekend. On their way back, they sat in the bus with some other Nigerians who were relocating to Ghana.

The driver of their vehicle from Nigeria to Ghana lived in Ghana with his wife and kids and his wife sells bed-sheets here in Ghana. Some Nigerians say Ghana is comparatively boring yet they love it here because electric power is more stable and much safer. A lot of Nigerians in Ghana believe the average Ghanaian is lazy and wouldn't go the extra mile to achieve success as compared to a Nigerian.

Ghanaian's in Ghana also believe Nigerians are more hardworking, but they wouldn't admit Ghanaians are lazy. Generally, the average Nigeria who drives in Ghana drives a more luxurious car than the average Ghanaian who drives and you hardly see a Nigerian driving a rickety vehicle if ever. And most people attribute it to the fact that Ghanaians are more God fearing so wouldn't do the things a Nigerian would do without batting an eye.

Ghanaian's believe Nigerians are loud, rowdy and dress wildly. If you go close to any tertiary school, you immediately differentiate Nigerians from Ghanains with how to dress. Nigerian's are seen as opportunist and they often take Ghanaian's for granted because the average Ghanaian is naive, and is friendly. A lot of people attribute robbery to Nigerians and the only two robberies I've witnessed where the culprits were apprehended happened to be done by Nigerians, so I tend to agree and most Ghanaians believe Nigerians see them as lazy because the average Ghanaian will stay unemployed rather than commit a crime to make money.

I honestly do hope all Nigerians in Ghana are sacked but that's just a wish. (I don't hate Nigerians but they aren't making Ghana any better). I do believe Ghana will be better without them, but the world is a global village. We've not been able to sack this Chinese doing illegal mining in Ghana so I doubt we can get rid of our African brothers.

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