Ghana In The African Cup Of Nations

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On 25th June, Ghana played Benin in the ongoing African Cup Of Nations tournament being held in Egypt. It broke my heart. I had bet that Ghana will win and I was sure of it. It wasn't just because I am a Ghanaian, but also because Ghana is considered a football nation whiles Benin isn't. I really hoped Ghana will win but we couldn't.

The match started with Benin scoring the faster goal in the tournament. Before I could even sit to enjoy the match, they had already beaten Ghana by one goal. Matched progressed with Ghana equalizing a scoring a second goal to make the score line 2-1 In favour of Ghana. Both goals were scored by the Awey brothers, that is Andre Dede Awey and Jordan Awey.

When I thought we were done and dusted, Benin equalized in the 63rd meeting. I couldn't believe it. Ghana just had to hold on for the rest of the match, because it looked like Benin were the stronger side. In would say we were lucky. Ghana meets Cameroon, who won their first group game against Guinea-Bissau and we only hope for the best.

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