Ghana Eliminated

It's definitely not a goodnight as Ghana has lost her round of 16 match against Tunisia. It's a very sad evening for most Ghanaians. It can be said that majority of Ghanaians were hoping Ghana will qualify to the next round, but there are a few who were against the team.


The game between Ghana and Tunisia ended 1-1 after 90 minutes and the game extended to extra time. There was no goals after the 30 minutes of extra time and then it was penalty shootout. I was hoping for the best until Ghana missed the third spot kick. That's when I knew all hope was lost.

Ghana scored a goal in the first half which was disallowed as being a handball. Replay showed it wasn't a handball but there was no VAR so there's nothing to do.

First goal was scored by the Tunisians in the 73rd minute and then as usual, they started their delay tactics but fortunately for Ghana, Rami Bedoui scored an own goal in the 91st minute to make the scores 1-1. In all, Tunisia deserved the win more than Ghana but I'm still sad for Ghana.

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