Fifa Gives Ghana The Go Ahead To Hold Elections As Gianni Infantino Is Re-Elected

If you've been following happenings in Ghana football, you will know by now that Fifa placed a ban on some football activities and personalities in Ghana after an expose by Anas Aremeyaw Anas, an investigative journalist which brought to light massive bribery and corruption in Ghana football.

After the scandal, football in Ghana was brought to halt as the Government dissolved the Ghana Football Association(GFA) and appointed a few people to "normalise" football in Ghana. The work of the Normalization Comittee(NC) has come to an end and after the 69th Ordinary Congress of Fifa's Executive Council has given the green light for new elections to be held for GFA executives.

It is now expected that the NC will rollout plans as to how the elections will be held. They have been given until the 30th of September to hand over Ghana football to new GFA executives. The Congress saw Gianni Infantino who succeeded Sepp Blatter being re-elected as Fifa president for the second term. Infantino will be in office from now until 2023.

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