Date Of Birth


Today, whiles chatting with my friend from Kenya, she mentioned something that surprised me so I took a screenshot to ask the community if anyone has heard of anything like that in recent times.

She’s 24 now, which means she was probably born in 1995 and she never knew her date of birth until today. How is that possible? I mean that was just in the 90s where almost everyone had a calendar. My friend is in Kenya.

I stayed with my maternal grandparents until their death and they were both born before 1945 yet they knew their date of births. That was a time where few Ghanaians went to school and calendar wasn’t so popular like today.

My friend didn’t know her date of birth because her mother had ran off with another man and left her with her grandparents. The family remembered the year, but nobody remembered the month so she just chose one. I’m a conversation with her mother today on phone, she asked about her date of birth and her mum said it’s in October, but she doesn’t remember the month.

She’s been using wrong date of birth from the time she started school up until now and she’s now deciding wether to go and change all her records on Monday. I told her to wait since she only has the month now and still doesn’t know the date, but this is quite interesting. I’ve heard of people who don’t know their date of birth, but it’s often people who were born before the 80s.

Not everyone celebrates their birthday so it’s not really a big deal to some people but even if you aren’t going to celebrate, wouldn’t you at least want to know? And wouldn’t you find it weird to get to know after almost 24 years that you’ve been celebrating your birthday on the wrong day? Would love to hear your thoughts about this.

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