Alarming Rate Of Divorce

All over the world, society seems to be breaking down, and humans are increasingly acting like "animals". Some people have attributed that to the fact that, we've forsaken the extended family, and the nuclear family is breaking down due to the increase in divorce rate. Marriage has reduced and divorce has increased in almost all parts of the world.


Governments all over the world should take this as a serious concern as it's seem to be getting out of hand. When you look at the statistics, you an conclude that divorces are averagely higher in developed countries and countries with less religious people. Could it be just a coincidence, or having something to believe in, makes it easier to live with a spouse? Could advancement hamper life as a couple?

INDIA the country with the lowest divorce rate mainly abide by the Hindu religion way of life. Arranged marriages are a common thing in India and even with that, majority of divorces occur in ""love marriages" as against "arranged marriages". Is our modern day "freedom" also a cause for the high divorce rate? Freedom to choose who to love and do what you want seems not to help marriages last.

What can we learn from India? Mutually consenting married couples who want to get divorced have to go through procedures that sometimes take a year or more before a divorce takes effect. That makes it harder for both parties and unless you really want a divorce, you wouldn't want to go through this stress. Also, before marriage, couples go take months to go through a lot of pre-marital rituals before the actual wedding, and not just elope to get married. The extended family is very vital to every marriage and this establishes a psychological bond between couples, making it harder for a breakup.

The number one cause of divorce is that, people grow apart overtime. Lot's of people find out that who they married, isn't the same person they are with and they start withdrawing slowly. Gradually, they fall out of love and seek divorce. Some couples also find a hard time dealing balancing their lives when they start having children and when that happens, divorce seems like the only option A lot of women make their children priority over their husbands and when the men feel left out, this could lead to divorce.

Most couples become bored of the marriage overtime when there are cyclical arguments, repetitive conversations and deadening routines. When the excitement of love dies down and it's now time for work, nobody makes the effort to make things fun. Fact is, you aren't bored, you are rather boring. If you decide to make efforts to spice up your life, things could work out.

There's nothing like absolute freedom, unlike what feminism is preaching and you have to compromise to make things work out. Even in lesbian marriages, one partner has to compromise, so don't make feminists make you believe it's downgrading to be submissive. Divorce is sometimes the easy way out, and it's not always the best option.

Make Your Marriage Work

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