Use Deep Learning to predict crypto prices

StocksNeural is the service for stocks prices forecasting, but not only - it also has crypto focus.

Not all the cryptocurrencies, but some of the most tradeable ones. For example:







and others

If in brief, StocksNeural has following features:

Trading performance
More than 80% of our top recommendations led to the successful trades
We track annual return, downside risk, Sortino ratio and other metrics of our models

Deep Learning
Predictions are performed daily by the state-of-art neural networks models
We have trained models for the most of the S&P 500 Index constituents

Signals and alerts
Buy/Sell signals based on the predictions and current prices.
Get notifications when it is time to trade.

Stocks screener
Find best stocks with maximum PnL, minimum volatility or highest forecasting accuracy

Portfolio management
Construct your portfolio based to reduce risk and maximize profit

Corporate events, news and global trends
Take into account corporate events and market news. Account for risks related to 2019 novel coronavirus

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