The Best Videos from Cryptotexty 2018


As crypto-media we are interested in blockchain technology in general and particularly in EOS. I won't repeat all our posts, videos, materials as I don't want them to be considered as promotion, but I decided that it's a good idea to combine best materials, videos from 2018 in 1 post.

So the small list is:

Future of Crypto Payments 2020 - CryptoBreakfast with Dmytro Baimuratov Business Analyst at PAYTOMAT)

PAYTOMAT is one of the most interesting EOS projects. Yes, for me it's easy to say as their head-office is also in KYIV, so I met Payrtomat representatives many times (and not only in Ukraine, in Dubai, in Amsterdam at big Blockchain events).

Many crypto-enthusiasts agree that EOS is complicated for newbies, well Paytomat solves this by providing user-friendly wallet. This wallet contains several cryptocurrencies and EOS is one of them - it's very easy to create EOS account there by paying with any other crypto be it Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash or any other. I also created my EOS-account Cryptotexty1 there (I have another account which I made at the end of ICO but I don't remember the name))

Goal of Paytomat is to provide payment solutions for everyone (for different merchants and for all users who have some cryptocurrencies). A lot of businesses all around the world installed their system and I paid with crypto multiple times in Kyiv restaurants.

  1. Cryptotexty Talk with Andriy Velykyy, PAYTOMAT Business Development Director

If you became interested in Paytomat - you can watch this video as well. Andriy Velykyy is big expert in crypto who travels all around the world. But keep in mind that video was uploaded Apr 24, 2018 - so it was before Paytomat became so EOS-centered, they thought to release tokens on Waves that time. But still I think topics we discussed with Andriy are broad, not only about Paytomat.

  1. Cryptotexty Talk with Robert Viglione, HORIZEN Co-Founder and Team Lead

  1. Interview with NEM team (Jeff McDonald, Stephen Chia) @ BlockchainUA

  1. Cryptolions - EOS Block Producers - [English Subtitles]

Video was recorded in Ukrainian, but English subtitles are present, and those who are interested in EOS might find this material interesting.

  1. Cryptotexty Talk with Matthew Spoke, Founder of AION

  1. EOS KYIV Meetup - Unit City 20 April 2018

First EOS Meetup in Ukraine. On our channel we have separate videos with better quality, but still I like this long video - it was first time we did livestream from meetup and we did it on mobile phone) Well, this convinced me that it's better

  1. Cryptotexty Talk with Roman Skaskiw, EOS promoter

Please keep in mind that video was uploaded Apr 4, 2018 - long time before the launch of EOS mainnet, now you my know Roman as co-founder of Cryptolions block producers.

So that's it for now.

I have several more interviews planned for the beginning of 2019, for example with Attic Lab block producers, and it's important for us to her your opinion and suggestions.

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