Telos wallet released by Attic Lab #myteloswallet

For those who do not know, Telos is a new blockchain network based on EOSIO software.
Telos Foundation says that Telos has modified the EOS genesis snapshot and some rules to make the network more responsible to the majority of token holders, to be more attractive to DApp developers, and to generally run more responsibly and sustainably.

Attic Lab, well-knows EOS block producers (currently #7 as I'm writing this post) also became TLOS block producers (#31 at the moment)

Because TLOS is a new blockchain, it has few wallet option.
So Attic Lab released alpha version of My Telos Wallet


You can login using Scatter or Ledger

If you are active EOS user may be you already used My EOS Wallet by Attic Lab
Then Telos wallet would be easy for you, as design is similar.


Telos (TLOS) is airdropped to all users with addresses in the EOS genesis snapshot. I checked my account which I created during EOS ICO and received equal amount of TLOS. It is limited to up to 40,000 TLOS per address, but if you have EOS since ICO - why not to grab some TLOS, it seems to be promising blockchain.

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