Telos Technology discussed with Ivan on Tech

Suvi and Douglas from Telos discuss Telos Technology with Ivan on Tech

The famous blogger Ivan on Tech featured Telos in one of his recent videos.

Of course it's better to watch the complete episode, but for those who have limited time, I put some of the main points of conversation in text.

About Steemit and Justin Sun

  • Justin Sun attempts to take over Steemit
  • Justin Sun Show - great comedy show - he's using twitter accounts he owns to support himself
  • Justin Sun is a plagiarizer who never added anything of value to the crypto space

About EOS, Telos and Governance

  • EOS never built the governance system which they promised
  • Telos Governance
  • Telos Amend, Telos WPS - elements of Telos government

About Telos Dapps

  • NewLife and Murmur are coming to Telos
  • Seeds - - Regenerative economy
  • We have a concept of DHO - Decentralized Human Organizations - like a DAO, expect humans are in the middle
  • One of such examples - is going to allow their users using Telos Decide voting system modify and control what their algorithm is
  • Murmur (social media site) was built on EOS, they had problems on EOS and they are coming to Telos.

About Telos Foundation and incentives

  • Telos Foundation is doing a lot of work, but we have limited funds
  • There is funding for dapps. There are at least 4 grant and angel programs right now
  • There is room for many kind of people and organisations. They are welcome to join!

More about Telos:

✅ Telos Network:
✅ Telos Studio IDE:
✅ Telos Foundation

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@flod @n0w why are you downvoting? I got a peg of Golos classsic on telos and a proposal coming soon to give telos to golos users

Anyone who has some golosp on steem engine , i can already do a TLOSP airdrop for.

16.03.2020 22:22

@ackza Hi Zack! I'm not downvoting.. what do you mean, where? I remember you as active member of Telos community, and on Steemit - I would not downvote your posts. Also I'm not using this site much. I use it as one more source to publish information about Telos

22.03.2020 15:52