On Coinsuper you can earn 50 VRA tokens every day


I want to share with you one more way to earn tokens easily.

I tried it for many days and withdrew VRA tokens (https://coinmarketcap.com/ru/currencies/verasity/)

You will earn tokens for watching crypto videos.

So you need to sign up to exchange Coinsuper https://www.coinsuper.com/

Then you select "Market" and select the pair (Not all cryptocurrencies, tokens have videos), for example like this https://www.coinsuper.com/trade?symbol=XRP%2FUSD

Then you click "Video Introduction" and watch video. Closer to the end of the video you will see "You got reward" and click the symbol on the right.

You'll need to sign up for VRA wallet and you will get 10 tokens for watching 1 video.

You can watch 5 videos a day and get 50 tokens. You can watch same video 5 times, it works as well

VRA is ERC-20 token but you can also convert in to VRAB (BNB-based token)

For example I did it and withdrew to my Trust wallet, as I think to exchange it on Binance dex in future.

I hope this was useful for those who like to earn additional crypto online!

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