Notes from the Night Crypto Bar - Note 3


On the photo: Literature fragment in Barcelona airport near the table where I wrote this note

Barcelona 00:55 — 13 July 2019

In less than 1 hour I have a flight back to Ukraine. First to Lviv and then to change to Kyiv. Of course as soon as I arrive - I will go to Knygarium. That’s strange but I really missed the crypto bar. The two days of conference and one day of exploring Barcelona were very intense, that’s why there is impression that more time passed. I always miss Kyiv in a way when I’m absent for some period of time.

I was calling several times to barmen to check how the things are going on in Knygarium. These days in Kyiv was rainy weather. My perfect weather. So the amount of people who visited crypto bar was not so big. One girl came who won certificate for 500 hryvnas. I posted the short video of vinyl player playing Patricia Kaas and made a contest. Even though another person (who is in US now) wrote first, I still decided to grant this certificate as it should be good for marketing). As a bar we already spent a lot of money so +- 500 hryvnas won’t make a big change. So she spent some amount and bought one big expensive book for children. I’m curious if she will come again and if she will post something.

In Barcelona today I accidentally found antiquarian shop where were vinyls for sale. 5 Euro per vinyl that’s almost the same as in Ukraine and I found many interesting classical vinyls. So I bought 10 vinyls and the shop manager (who came to talk as they were actually closing) gave me 2 more for free + 2 small ones. Moreover he gave very nice and stylish bag. I even posted a photo of it asking what is it. One person already guessed, so we’ll give coffee or something else as a prize)
I was also promoting a crypto bar in conversations at the crypto conference when it was relevant. I hope we’ll have new visitors and also new speakers for meetups. Regarding many aspects of the crypto bar - still a lot of things need to be done. I hope to do some major things in a month and then focus more on other projects. Cryptocurrency, blockchain space as well as new technologies in general have a lot of perspectives.

Notes from the crypto bar as a collection of short stories I plan to refocus as a persona-based or even case-based. As when time goes on it’s hard for me to keep and maintain the chronology.

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