Notes from the Night Crypto Bar - Note 2


Saturday 6.07.2019

Literature Crypto Bar Diary will be called now «Notes from the Night Crypto Bar». I think this name is better and also most of the notes I plan to write at night. Usually the barman leaves at 22:00 or around this time, if there are no people and since then it’s a good time to focus on writing. Actually after 22 people come sometimes, sometimes even more often than during a day. Also the evenings are the best time in night Kyiv so I usually stay as long as possible, almost all the time after midnight.

Since the «Note 1» or «Post 1» a lot of things happened, so it’s impossible to write everything into one note, but to some of the events of characters I will return in the future notes.

Today as almost every weekend when we have no events - not so many people around. This part of central Kyiv where Knygarium is located is very calm and I definitely see it as advantage, and not the minus. Yesterday’s rain cleaned our «stander» (thing we put outside so the passing by people can see and read that’s here is Knygarium - literature crypto bar) so I had to write new writings on both sides. On one I wrote «#coffee #books #cryptocurrencies) and on another «We speak English», «Nous parlors francais», «Noi parliamo italiano». I don’t know if this helped but one American couple with daughter came in, checked everything, said that «it’s unique» but said they just had coffee so after 5 minutes they left.

Frequent visitor came today (barman called him «The Constant» so we’ll refer to this name in future) and ordered like usual coffee with milk. Then his friend came, also drank coffee and ate one panini. We started to order paninis and baguettes, croissants, berliners from one company which delivers them 3 times a week. But this time the demand was a big bigger (and we here also eat them all the time) so we have only 2 left and there is day and a half till next delivery.

One guy came to drink a coffee and said he liked the place a lot. He was sitting for more than an hour inside and writing something in his small notepad. At that time I was printing posters of future events (7 posters) and said that he might check them, but he responded that he is rarely in this region.

The company of two girls and one guy came to drink coffee. One of these girl is Natalie, she was here 2 days ago and like our cat (which lives near Knygarium). She was asking the name of it, and I said she has no name. Mykhailo the barman who takes care of the cat and who build «Kotiarium» for her didn’t invent the name. When I went inside the bar (and Natalie with her friend was sitting outside) I saw that she followed Knygarium on instagram and that’s how I discovered her name. In few minutes when I went outside to smoke we kept the conversation and when she asked the name, I said: «Let the name be Natalie. Nice name and that’s also because we are in the French quartier». After I posted the photo to instagram and facebook, Steve immediately asked me who is this and asked me to ask the number). Steve decided to come to Ukraine next in a week again. What’s also remarkable about Steve is that he invested a bit in our currency KNYGA token, depositing 500 UAH one time, and even the day he was leaving he deposited 500 again. This a good use-case of our currency, as for him for the next couple of time, won’t be a need to use cash or credit car, he can use his EOS wallet with KNYGA tokens there.

So now cat or Cryptocat has a name and it’s Natalie. Another barman thought that Mykhailo named the cat after his girlfriend). To be honest, the Cat now brings more clients than books or cryptocurrency topics.

I had a plan for one crypto-meetup these days with important person from Cardano foundation, but I don’t know if he has time. Anyway if he will have, to organize a meetup is a matter of one hour. We are leaving in the dynamic world so we can do events very fast and the same is with media. I bought on purpose Samsung Galaxy S10+ which had good camera and each meetup, each video content I can record instantly or make a livestream, therefore I save time and money which I would spend otherwise for video editing and video production.

Today also some people promised to visit Knygarium, may be they will come. I say «may be» because really many people said they will come and didn’t come)

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