MyEOSWallet new release of mobile version from AtticLab

Hello EOS fans!

AtticLab released new MyEOSWallet which they say is an easy-to-use and safe EOS wallet that supports all the common actions in the EOS ecosystem.

Some of you already know the web-site version of MyEOSWallet
I also use it and you have to login there with Scatter and Ledger, that's why for some actions mobile wallet is much for efficient to use (for example to use EOS for payments or to send EOS or tokens to friends). Moreover as everybody knows that mobile internet traffic is constantly growing, so mobile crypto wallet is must-have.

I decided to make short review

My EOS Wallet is available in:
App Store -
Google Play -
And more info you can check on the official web-site

This is how it looks like

So I have a modest EOS balance now, some of which is staked for CPU, RAM, NET
Also you can see that I have 13 TRYBE tokens. On TRYBE site I have of course much bigger amount, but it's not yet possible to withdraw it, these tokens I got from exchanges.

Apart from "Send" and "Receive" buttons, in the top right-hand corner there is a button for scanning QR codes which simplifies the process of sending tokens. This button can also be used to access various exchanges and other applications. Under the QR code button there is a name of the account with a drop-down menu.

You can add more tokens, as you can see from screenshot I added TRYBE tokens.


While the list of tokens is not so big, you can click "+" on the right top and add custom token


By clicking "Voting" tab you can check who is now leading among block producers and you can cast your vote.


For example I clicked on "atticlabeosb" who are #4 right now (Who knows may be the release of this wallet helped them to rise a bit higher in the list)


So I clicked "Vote", of course as you see my balance is small so it's only symbolical vote to test the app


In ‘Settings’ tab there are options to register as proxy and generate keys, create or change password, contact support, etc.
Don't forget that you can manage multiple accounts with this app.

You can download My EOS Wallet with these links:
App Store -
Google Play -
Website -

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beautiful, i love seeing MyEOSwallet as the answer to MyEtherWallet so people who are afraid of EOS realize that its just like EThereum but with more features . Steem also has Keychain which is like our answer to ethereums metamask, i think Golos could get keychain pretty easily , talk to @aggroed and @yabapmatt and @harpagon on steem, for how you could fork his steem smart contract chain for a golos smart contract chain

20.03.2019 23:43

weird, i came to leave a comment, now that io know more about this, lol and i see i already left a comment montsh ago wtf?

dude, yeah i didnt knopw these gusy were #4 block producer wrtf thats crazy must bethe free eos accounts tthey give out

hey i see you have crypto peso 0 balance, u need some PSO i will sendyou some from eos venezuela , come onto the eos discussions telegram group

and the actual eos dicsussion page here

funny you made a golos post abpout this, i didnt know @atticlabs were in ukraine

They have been a huge help and @bigbluewhale over on eois discussions jacque he has been helpinga lot giving out free eos accounts , giving out whole 1 eos tips etc

26.05.2019 16:37