Literature Crypto Bar Diary - Post 1


So I decided to write a diary from the Literature Crypto Bar Knygarium, where I spend most of my time these days.
To be honest, this idea came to me after starting to read Shaun Bythell's "The Diary of a Bookseller", which we have in our bookstore in Ukrainian translation. I decided to write it in English, and to publish on TRYBE, Steemit and may be some other sites which show one example of cryptocurrencies real application and these projects are real alternative to facebook and other popular platforms, even though they are less popular. Also part of our audience is English-speaking (and may be even the bigger part) as we are situated in the center of Kyiv (Ukraine).

So today is Sunday, I like weekends in crypto bar, as there are not so many people around here. Even in working days Lypynskogo street is not the one where is huge people traffic, and on weekend it's very calm and empty street. But of course, because Knygarium is already known - some people might come on purpose. Also we have one visitor who ordered coffee and water, he was here 2 days before and probably leaves nearby.

I was thinking recently, that never in my life I worked so much (I start to work early in the morning and finish at night, i.e. yesterday I went from bar around 1 a.m. at night) and never I earned so little. But it's not even "little" but minus. So technically every day I'm loosing money, it even reminded me about Nassim Taleb and his trading strategy in "Black Swan" book (we have his books both in library and bookstore). Every day his company was loosing some amount of money, but then at some point earned a lot (i.e. during financial crisis). So it might be similar that bar is loosing money all the time, but then at some point, for example when we make event or have some big company visiting - it will go into a plus.

On Monday I decided to order some sandwiches and croissants, because we have almost nothing to it in the bar. Also we don't have alcohol yet, but the road to the license it slowly moving forward. So many bureaucracy and so many small things which delay this process. For example I had to register LLC, then apply to a bank account, then wait till it's activated, go to a bank and put "statut capital", then pay only from this account to buy accounting machine, then sign the contract with this company, then register this accounting machine with tax authorities, then order delivery of machine into bar, set it up and apply for a license. So now we are almost at the final stage, waiting for fiscal number, then we can setup this accounting machine and apply for a license. Because how a bar can function if has no alcohol? .. But of course we allow sometimes to our friends and visitors just to buy anything is the store and just drink here.

We are thinking about concept of Crypto-Embassy, for example to agree with 10-20 crypto projects to be their embassy, to represent their projects, place their souvenirs and logotypes in the bar, to organize meetups, to educate visitors who are interested in blockchain about their projects, updates, etc. For this we can take some small monthly fee, let's say "development fee", because a lot of things should be done for improving the bar itself.. What do you think about it? It would be great to hear your ideas in comments.

Today I hope also to finish at least some pages of the site
As for now we have facebook
Some friends from crypto-community (I think I should thank Eugene, Steemit-enthusiats did a good work and we almost doubled our number of likes these days - currently it's 759 likes)
On instagram we are
Same name as EOS contract
Yes, we also released our KNYGA tokens, which serve first of all as loyalty tokens (
But that's the big story which I will describe in future posts

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