Join CODEX Affiliate Program and Meet CDX Token

CODEX launched an extensive affiliate program that allows you to get paid even more if you have CDX tokens.

We, at CODEX, always look forward to offering more profit to our customers, including the passive sources of income. Thus, we have launched an extensive Affiliate Program that allows you to get paid by referring users to exchange in a convenient and trackable way.

By acting as a CODEX referral and inviting users to join the exchange, you will receive a percentage of trading fees from invited users as a reward every hour! If you have CDX tokens on your balance, the amount of the reward will depend on it and increase your gains.

Before to skip into Affiliate Program details let's find out what is CDX token, how can you get and use it.

What is CDX?

CDX is the EOS-based native token, designed to add extra value to CODEX and provide its users with beneficial terms, gainful opportunities and rewarding experiences within the platform. By engaging traders and rewarding them for loyalty, CDX token serves an ultimate purpose — to fuel the consistent development and continuous growth of the platform.

Self-sufficient Platform and Token
An important thing to know is that CODEX exchange itself and the CDX token were never meant to be sold through an ICO or any other fundraising mechanism. CODEX is entirely self-sufficient and CDX token is not a part of any form of crowdsale.

CDX Token Supply and Trade Mining

Total supply of the CDX token is 2,000,000,000.

*49% of tokens are pre-mined for the platform’s purposes with a vesting period of 12 months, to assure the price stability of token;

*51% will be spent on the trade mining competition. Every day, CODEX users mine new CDX tokens by trading. The daily mining limit for the first year is 1,000,000 CDX.

Every day 1,000,000 CDX tokens will be distributed proportionally between all traders according to the trading fees they’ve spent, and if they have some CDX already the multiplier will be applied.

Get Profits for Being an Affiliate with CDX Tokens

The more CDX you have, the higher percentage of your referred user’s trading fee you get:

  • 20% if you have 0–99,999 CDX;
  • 25% if you have 100,00–499,999 CDX;
  • 30% if you have 500,000–999,999 CDX;
  • 35% if you have 1,000,000–1,999,999 CDX;
  • 40% if you have >2,000,000 CDX.

By taking on the role of a CODEX affiliate, you get a chance to gain up to 40% of the total amount spent on trading fees by the people you’ve invited.

Even if you don't trade and have 0 CDX balance, you still get a profit as a referral in the amount of 20%!

CODEX Affiliate Program Features

To make it more comfortable for you we propose several useful features to improve your results with our Affiliate Program:

  • Create up to 10 referral links.
  • See what works for you. Use one referral link for each promotion channel for better analytics. You can define which link goes in Twitter or Facebook, for example, and check which channel delivers the best result for you.
  • Choose the link destination. CODEX Home, CDX token or directly to Sign Up page.

Create your account on CODEX exchange and join our Affiliate Program.

Other Ways to Use Your CDX

Are you curious about other CDX token benefits? There are plenty:

  • Loyalty Program. We reward our users for simply keeping their CDX token and trading on our platform with bounties in various cryptocurrencies!
  • Trade CDX token. CDX can be easily traded with any cryptocurrency on our exchange.
  • HODL CDX token. It was designed to grow in value together with CODEX exchange. Even if you don't trade, there is still a sense to have it.
  • Trading fees discounts. That's right, get up to 50% discount on your trade fee. To do so, enable the option "Pay only 50% of fees with CDX token" in your profile. The discount rate is set up at 50% for the 1st year and will decrease.

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