Interview with Marc De Mesel about Crypto Investment, Trends and BCH projects ReadCash and NoiseCash

Today I was happy to make this interview with Marc De Mesel 

It was live and was streamed on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and some other platforms. You can watch it now on LBRY

Below is a short summary of what we spoke about

@01:19 Marc's approach to the investment 60% of a portfolio in crypto (#BCH mostly)

@05:10 Marc's view on the market situation

@07:24 Till when the bull market will be?

@09:30 Marc's history and approach on investing in smaller projects

@10:35 Marc's view on DeFi projects

@12:25 Marc speaks about missed investment opportunities

@15:12 About investing own money into crypto vs investing like a hedge fund

@22:14 About investing in NXT and Proof-of-Stake coins

@27:19 Marc comments on Bitcoin Cash DeFi idea

@31:21 Marc speaks about his support of Bitcoin Cash

@34:06 Marc speaks about his discovery and support of Read.Cash

@38:14 Marc on his support of Read.Cash Fund

@40:35 Marc on reading articles on Read.Cash

@42:20 Marc on top tipped articles and his way of tipping

@45:06 Marc speaks about Noise.Cash

@47:40 Marc got $40 tips of Noise.Cash

@50:33 Marc on NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

@51:26 Marc speaks about Lambo, Lamborghini

@52:56 Marc speaks about pretty girls and not being able to afford them in past

@55:45 On financial crisis 2008

@56:30 Marc on building confidence and success

@59:25 Marc about his Women investment portfolio

@1:06:05 Marc tells about his way to go hunting

@1:11:30 Andrii speaks about his investment approach

@1:15:24 Marc's advice on how to build capital in crypto

@1:16:00 Marc on Bitcoin Cash and advantages of voluntary funding vs treasury model

@1:23:36 On the coronavirus situation in Ukraine and in general

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