How to buy Telos on Probit

I saw some demand for my simple "How to" guides so I decided to make several more.

These days it's not so easy to get Telos. You can buy Telos on Newdex, Cointiger and some even smaller exchanges. Some of you asked how to get it, and I recommend Probit. This is Korean exchange which has lots of different coins listed. If you want to add few satoshis or cents, you can join it with my link

For me it's faster and easier to use mobile phone for trading. So I'm pictures from mobile phone for this example. Here is my wallet, as you can see I have almost $10 in USDT and I'm going to buy Telos with this amount.

I'm going to the "Exchange" section, select "USDT" market and start typing "Telos". You can also add a particular trading pair as favorite, as I did (you can notice a "star")

Then you will see the chart

Orderbook and Trade feed

To trade you will need to use "Buy" and "Sell" buttons.

You can see I can put the order with price a bit higher than other "buy"(green) orders. With my amount of funds I'll be able to buy 306 TLOS.

After clicking "Buy" I need to confirm my order.

And then I see my order in the list

But if I don't want to wait - I can buy Telos instantly by the available "sell" order (red). Before that I need to cancel my existing order. I go to "History" tab in the main screen and click "Cancel".

I go again to the TLOS/USDT pair and select the existing "Sell"(red) order.

So I do repeat this several times, as these orders are small.

And then when I have enough Telos, I can withdraw it. I go to the wall and click on "TLOS"

You might notice as I was buying instantly and didn't wait, I have smaller amount of Telos than I could have if I would wait for a while. I click "Withdrawal" and then choose the amount to withdraw

Then I click "Next" and put my address: cryptotexty1

If you are withdrawing to another exchange - most probably you will need memo. Don't forget about it or you might loose your funds.

Then I need to confirm withdrawal once again

After that I receive email confirmation, input the code and withdrawal is done.

In several minutes (may take up to 10-20 minutes) I have Telos in my account. Telos transactions are very fast, it just take some time from the exchange side to confirm withdrawal.

I can see this transaction on the blockchain explorer.

Let me know if this was useful.

You can learn more about Telos on and speak with the community in Telos telegram group

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