Gridcoin Staking - 4.47 GRC in a month or so

Hi Gridcoin community!
I want to share my staking experience with Gridcoin.
As you can see from the screenshot - Proof of Stake generated for me 4.47+ GRC in a month or so.
I say "in a month or so" because it's hard to count, some time I was "on fork" and my wallet was not syncing.
I don't know if stakes were counted for that period.
Also I had 3370 GRC, so I think this amount is enough to generate around 5 GRC per month.
I'll update you with my staking results in 1 or 2 months in the future.

Also I want to add that for me it's much better than reward from Boinc as currently I get around 0.05 GRC per day (Boinc runs on 2 laptops)

Comments 2

How much you earned since then?

20.07.2018 14:39

May be 20-30 GRC, something around that

31.07.2018 20:27